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Sell a House Fast & Easy. No Fees, Repairs, or Inspections. Receive the Highest Cash Offer! We Buy Pennsylvania Homes in Any Condition!

Sell Your Home Fast

Buying Property 215 is a family-owned real estate company specializing in quickly purchasing properties in any condition. We offer multiple home selling routes to satisfy any seller’s needs; the traditional method of listing the home on the market or the cash home buyer program that can complete the sale within 21 days. We require no repairs, renovations, or inspections. We provide the best offer regarding cash for houses in Pennsylvania. The Better Business Bureau accredits our small business with an A+ rating and 5-star Google reviews. {Cash for Houses in Pennsylvania | We Buy Pennsylvania Homes}

Benefits of Selling a House by Buying Property 215

  • We purchase property in any condition and situation, facing foreclosure, non-paying tenant, significant repairs, fire damage, etc.
    Buying Property 215 doesn’t require repairs, inspections, or cleanouts. Leave behind trash, furniture, or any other unwanted items. No need to even paint a wall; easy route when selling a house as is in PA.
  • The seller chooses the closing time frame. Our family-owned company can close within three weeks or numerous months if desired.
  • Pay no fees, closing costs, or agent commissions.
  • Since we are the direct buyer, we conduct no walkthroughs or showings.
    Sell a home in Pennsylvania to a reputable real estate company. The Better Business Bureau accredits us with an A+ rating and 5-star Google reviews.

Step 1


We research the details of your home and start crafting an excellent offer for you.

Step 2


We present you with the highest cash offer without obligation and no fees.

Step 3


Get the cash you need now. You do not have to wait 6 – 12 months to sell your house.

Benefits of a Cash House Sale

  • The traditional route of selling a house in Pennsylvania may cause stress because of the hassle of dealing with repairs necessary to place the home on the market. After the renovations, the house will need to be professionally cleaned & staged to present to potential buyers. When you sell a home directly to Buying Property 215, there is no need for overwhelming house preparation. We will purchase your house in any condition and circumstance!
  • When you sell a house using our cash home buyer program, there is no need for the appraisal process. However, this process involves inspections and financial contingencies, costing the seller time and money. Suppose you’re a homeowner that desires a quick house sale. Avoiding the traditional route of listing your house with a licensed Pennsylvania real estate agent or broker is highly recommended.
  • It’s much simpler to utilize a cash-for-houses program since there should be fewer obstacles to completing the real estate transaction. Our company has cash on hand, so there are no bank loans or pre-qualifications. Often using the traditional method to sell a house, the transaction falls through due to funding. Selling directly to Buying Property 215 will guarantee an easy closing and the ability to instantly roll the money into a new house at the finish!
  • Our process is straightforward; we agree upon a sales price and sign a two-page sale agreement which we forward to a local title company to begin the title search. The title search can be completed within a week or two, and a closing date can be set.
  • Selling a property in Pennsylvania directly to Buying Property 215 helps the seller save money on the sale. Our cash buyer program allows homeowners to avoid real estate agent commissions and other associated fees. If you sell a home using a licensed realtor, you will be held accountable for six percent in agent fees (three percent for seller and buyer agents). The agent commissions do not include the three percent in sales tax. Using an agent will deduct roughly ten percent of the total sales price, equivalent to tens of thousands of dollars.
  • One of the most undesirable aspects of listing a house with an agent is that your property must be marketed to attract potential buyers’ attention; this process includes property showings. These showings are a hassle for individuals with busy schedules or who want to avoid strangers touring their property; selling a house directly to Buying Property 215 will eliminate the showings and walkthroughs!
  • When qualifying a potential cash house buyer, you must conduct thorough research to ensure you are selecting the most appropriate and qualified company. Buying Property 215 has an excellent reputation; the Better Business Bureau accredits us with an A+ rating and excellent 5-star google reviews. Our years of knowledge and experience allow for simple real estate transactions with zero obstacles. We believe in honesty and respect; when we make an offer, we provide comparable real estate comps to explain how we gathered our offer. If you’re interested in receiving cash for houses in Pennsylvania, reach out to our family-owned company because we buy Pennsylvania homes for top dollar! {Cash for Houses in Pennsylvania | We Buy Pennsylvania Homes}

We’re Buying Property 215, two brothers passionate about real estate and helping homeowners maximize profit on a house sale. We purchase property regardless of the overall condition and circumstances. Receive the highest cash offer on your property while paying no fees and completing no repairs! (215-359-6090)

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Get An Offer Today, Sell In Less Than 21 days...

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