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Delaware Real Estate | Sell a House in Wilmington

Are you a homeowner in a city in Delaware such as Wilmington, New Castle, Dover, or Newark? If so, you must know that you own a home in a great area. Delaware is a great state to hold property for many different reasons. As any homeowner in America, you should know that real estate is your best asset. There are plenty of various investments that one could acknowledge that could make them tons of money. {We buy houses throughout Delaware, sell a house in Wilmington, and sell my house in Newark. Buying Property 215 leader in Delaware real estate.}

Thinking of Investing in Wilmington?

Sell a House in Wilmington

We wanted to start with Wilmington, Delaware, mainly because this is the largest populated city in the state. We also appreciate the proximity to Philadelphia. This city is an ancient city, just like most towns on the east coast. Located right off interstate 95, this is in a great location if you travel in any direction out of the city. There are just over seventy thousand people that live in this beautiful city. Many central banks form this skyline. With a nice little downtown area but nothing too large or overwhelming. Experts say that the average home price in this city is in the mid-two hundred thousand range, which is pretty high for a large city. Most of the towns in America, especially the smaller populated ones, do not have this large of a medium average price range. There are plenty of parts of Wilmington that are better to have a rental than others. Did you know there is an average price range for rent in Wilmington of thirteen hundred dollars a month? This is decent for an inner-city and makes Wilmington more desirable for investors & landlords.

Newark Investment

Sell My House in Newark Delaware

Newark, Delaware is another city in Delaware that we found to be a decent area to hold rental properties. This city has a smaller population of just about thirty thousand people. This city is also home to the University of Delaware. In most of our research of certain areas, we found that when you are located by a college, it becomes a decent area for a rental property. Newark is not that large of an area like Wilmington, but we still found this a desirable place to purchase the property. It is considered another area with cheaper taxes than you would imagine for the type of home. We found a property located in North Newark just above interstate 273. This home was purchased back in 2019 for just over $180,000. Now, this is a higher amount than the last property we mentioned. But they are currently looking to rent it out for $1695 a month. The taxes on this home are just $2000. Let’s break this one down for you. It is an older home in not so great of shape. We will factor in a higher maintenance cost for this one. A mortgage on single-family houses similar to this home will most likely be $1,000 – $1,200. Let us go with $1,100 as the mortgage price. Now, if they get their asking each month for $1,695, they will profit a total of $595 a month (1,695 – 1,100 = 595). Now that you have your monthly profit let’s see what it looks like for the year. (595 x 12 = 7,140) After taxes, this means looking at a $5,140 profit for the year. Let’s use $500 for home maintenance costs. This will bring you a Net profit of $4,640 for the year. Now, if you spend those exact figures on maintenance, it could be less or more some years. These numbers are not too bad; you can turn profits in this area if you decide to buy and rent out a home here in Newark.

The Wonderful State of Delaware

If you are considering buying rental property in Newark, Wilmington, or any other part of this great state, then we highly recommend you do so. The figures in our examples can be better or worse depending on purchase prices. We counted the taxes separately; in some cases, most mortgage companies can tie your taxes into your mortgage payments. This could help you manage and see your profits a little more clearly. Rental income is one of the best types of income out there. Even if the market crashes and your property loses value. It will always go back up after things settle down. There is always a rental market, even if people are not buying.

Selling Property As-Is

It’s many benefits when choosing to sell property as-is directly to real estate investors; it’s a method established within the last couple of decades but has gained popularity recently. It’s becoming a desired route because it provides a quick sale within three weeks. Sell my house fast in Delaware directly to an investor allows homeowners to make no costly repairs and updates to their homes! The ability to sell property fast in its current condition has saved sellers time and money. The traditional on-the-market sale with a licensed realtor consists of the seller paying six percent of the total sales for agent commissions. Most investors cover closing costs which provide an excellent way to avoid agent commissions. Buying Property 215 conducts no inspections and financial contingencies; we purchase property regardless of the overall condition & circumstances. We have multiple years of experience buying homes and facing obstacles such as foreclosure, tax liens, utility liens, or any other issue. When completing a real estate transaction, we utilize a licensed title company to execute the title search; the process clears any existing mortgages, liens, and other required documents. Most of the time, a local title company can complete the title search within three weeks. We believe in being direct with homeowners; before agreeing upon a sales price, our company will present cash comps for homes similar to the subject property to give the homeowner the exact value of their home. If necessary, we help sellers relocate; part of our approach is making the home-selling process as simple as possible! {Sell a House in Wilmington | Sell My House in Newark | Delaware}

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