4 Home Improvements to Make Before Selling This Summer in Philly

Home Improvements to Make Before Selling

Are you thinking about selling your house this summer? If so, make sure you read this blog post all the way through to discover four home improvements to make before selling this summer in Philly so you can increase the likelihood that you can sell… When is the best time to sell? Some would argue spring is the best time, and the summer is a bit more challenging, with families going away on vacation. But just because the summer isn’t always the best time to sell doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Here are four home improvements to make before selling this summer in Philly to increase the likelihood of selling faster and closer to the price you want to sell for.

Home Improvement #1. Clean Your Exterior

When potential buyers are looking for a home, they want one that will be easy and carefree to look after and one that they can move into with the confidence that the previous homeowner took care of the home too.

One way to indicate that is by giving plenty of extra attention to the exterior of your home by cleaning it up.

Power wash the walls, weed the path, wash the windows, and replace the missing downspout. These might seem like small actions, but they can have some effect.

Home Improvement #2. Landscaping

landscape Home Improvements To Make Before Selling This SummerNext, think about landscaping. You don’t have to be extravagant but spend some time to make your home’s exterior look good.

Turn the soil in the garden, plant flowers, put mulch around each tree, and apply a weed killer and fertilizer to encourage grass growth.

Maybe plant a bush or two. Again, you don’t have to spend much money to impact significantly.

Home Improvement #3. Paint The Exterior

If you’ve owned your home for a while, the paint trim on the doors and windows can fade or chip. A new paint job, which can be quickly applied on the weekend, will have a tremendous upgrading effect to encourage buyers to take a second look at your home.

Home Improvement #4. Add A Deck

decking Home Improvements To Make Before Selling This SummerThis last home improvement might seem like a lot. Still, you can add a smaller deck relatively affordably to your backyard, and it will just make your backyard seem so much more inviting and ready for family barbecues.

Some homeowners might balk at the expense, but it might be worth it if it’s the difference between selling now versus selling later!


The summer is a pretty good time to “sell my house,” but you can still help speed up the process by making these four home improvements before selling this summer in Philly. You’ll be glad you did! {Buying Property 215 is accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating!}

If you’d like to sell faster and spend less time, effort, and money on these home improvements, why not sell directly to a home buyer like us? We’ll give you a fair all-cash offer to buy right away. Please fill out the form or call our office at [215-359-6090]

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