Philadelphia Sixers Beat Memphis in Overtime Thriller

Philadelphia Sixers Vs. Memphis Grizzlies

(We’re Buying Property 215, a family-owned real estate company in Philadelphia. This blog post details our experience witnessing the impressive 122-119 Philadelphia Sixers overtime victory against the Memphis Grizzlies. This basketball game features a matchup between two all-stars and potential MVP candidates, Ja Morant and Joel Embiid.)

Philadelphia Sixers

The Stage Is Set

After missing almost two seasons of watching the Sixers live, the anticipation leading up to this game continued to grow. Two years ago, most of the faces on this team changed, with the only familiar faces being Joel Embiid, Matisse Thybulle, & Furkan Korkmaz. The changes even impacted coaches; the team developed a completely new identity! It is an exciting experience to see how the new pieces fit with the superstar center Joel Embiid. Roughly eight hours before the game, it was an announcement that the Sixers were granting Embiid a night of rest after playing twenty-one consecutive games. It was a huge disappointment not having the chance to watch Joel play especially facing the third-highest-ranked basketball team in the western conference of the National Basketball League. This Sixers team would require multiple players to step up to earn a win against this extremely competitive opponent.

Regardless of the game’s outcome, I was satisfied to get out of the house to spend time with my brother and business partner to observe our favorite basketball team. The environment at Wells Fargo Center in South Philadelphia is electric; the organization properly sets the stage for these events. The Sixers organization typically has a celebrity come onto the court to “ring the bell,” in which essentially the individual hits the liberty bell replica with a hammer; on this night, we are in the presence of comedian Wanda Sykes; for the bell ring ceremony! More celebrities were throughout the arena, such as current Philadelphia Eagles Wide-receiver DeVonta Smith, who also won the Heisman Trophy his senior year of college playing for Alabama! Another Eagles Wide receiver was in attendance; former WR Freddie Mitchell competed on the Eagles’ 2004 super-bowl roster! It’s always exciting seeing which celebrities attend the games!

Philadelphia Sixers Pregame

First Quarter: Let’s Play Ball

The atmosphere was unique as the players came onto the court for pregame warm-ups. Even without the lead of the Sixers superstar Joel Embiid, you could sense the energy that this sixers team meant business! The entire league knew the Sixers would require big games from players like Tyrese Maxey, Andre Drummond, Tobias Harris, & Seth Curry to secure a victory against a highly well-rounded Memphis team. The Sixers started the game with heart, superior defense, and intelligent shot selection. Each player knew their role in this game; Tobias Harris had a productive start, scoring seven points within the first few minutes of play. The starters could move the basketball properly, conducting smart passes to find their open teammate. Andre Drummond filled in accordingly for Embiid, dominating the boards and collecting rebound after rebound. Tyrese Maxey led the team like a general seeking success; Maxey brought his high energy and basketball finesse to this event! Surprisingly, the Sixers finished the first quarter strong, leading the Memphis Grizzlies 39 to 30.

Second Quarter: Keep This Positive Energy

Going into the second quarter of this fantastic NBA matchup, a positive feeling of hope was present even without the league’s potential MVP Joel Embiid. The Sixers played excellent defense and impressive offense, while Ja Morant had a slow start heading into the second quarter with less than eight points. At times the Sixers struggle to score points off their bench, this is an issue the Sixers have faced for a few years, and the added pressure of Covid makes this obstacle much larger. Isaiah Joe showed up to this game to contribute two four-point plays to earn eight points. Other players like Danny Green and Georges Niang chipped three-pointers off the bench to hold this 76ers lead.

The only player on the 76ers who came out slow and missed his shots was Seth Curry, the lead three-point shooter; even though Curry had zero points going into halftime, he still hustled and made his presence known along the way three-point line. Desmond Bane and Ja Morant came alive in the second quarter to give this Memphis team some life! Sixers went in halftime, leading 63 to 56 with a strong finish at the rim, Maxey, followed by an and-one. The halftime show didn’t disappoint; it featured a former Harlem globetrotter who dribbled six basketballs at once.

Third Quarter: Half Way To Victory

The third quarter of this matchup began with Jaren Jackson Jr. missing two free throw attempts, followed by Desmond Bane continuing his superb shooting by draining a three-pointer to make the game 61-63. Curry continued his shooting slump while still contributing in other categories. In five minutes from eleven minutes of play in the third quarter to six minutes left in the third, Ja Morant was responsible for every Memphis score, either by assists or completing his shot attempts. Three players controlled the third quarter; Maxey, Drummond, and Morant. The Memphis point guard had a dominant third quarter to give the Grizzlies a lead going into the game’s final quarter.

76ers game

Fourth Quarter: Finish Line Is Near

The fourth quarter gave the entire arena some life; both teams went back and forth on defense and offense. Seth Curry scored his first points early in the quarter, while Ja Morant took control by using his moves to drive the lane right to the net! Drummond continued to control the boards bringing in a total of twenty-three rebounds. The refs missed multiple calls on both teams throughout the 4th quarter, which made the game close. The Sixers were up one point with thirty-three seconds left in the game; Maxey made two free throws just for the potential league MVP Ja Morant to earn the lead with a driving layup to give him 34 points. The next play was a missed shot by Morant, a rebound by Curry, who drove up the court and fouled; he then missed his jump shot. The arena erupted with emotions after the foul on Curry; the environment influenced Doc Rivers to call out the refs on the play, which led to a technical foul at the end of regulation. The game is tied at 111 heading into overtime, with the Grizzlies competing for a technical foul shot to start the overtime.

Overtime: Must Win

Overtime began most strangely, Memphis shooting a technical free throw before regulation. Ironically, Memphis leads the game going into overtime. Desmond Bane carried his team in overtime; he made three of the four made shots for the Grizzlies, the only other made shot attempt coming from Morant. The Sixers continued to get top-of-the-line performances from both Drummond and Tyrese Maxey, and Andre Drummond continued to dominate the boards and on defense. The momentum shifted halfway through overtime, with the Grizzlies taking a four-point lead with three and a half minutes left to play.

Roughly two minutes of game time passed without either team scoring a basket. Once the play clock reached a minute thirty, Danny Green drained a three-point shot, cutting the Grizzlies’ lead down to one point. Memphis pushed the ball down the court, and Williams missed a three-point shot attempt that would’ve given his team the win; the Sixers earned the rebound. Thybulle caught the rebound and threw the ball down the court to Maxey; Maxey had a running layup, closing the game before the end-game buzzer! The arena went crazy, the fans celebrated, and the Sixers players embraced the environment. Once the Sixers were down by four points, most fans lost hope; we witnessed numerous fans leaving before the end. It has been one of the best games I have ever seen. We highly recommend attending the Philadelphia Sixers basketball games!

Wells Fargo Center in South Philadelphia. Philadelphia 76ers basketball game.

Conclusion: SIXERS WIN

It’s ironic the disappointment I had before the game finding out that the potential MVP candidate Joel Embiid is to miss the game due to rest. But to witness one of the best live games I have ever been fortunate to attend. The matchup between Maxey and Morant was excellent; these two young stars have endless potential. In addition, we were lucky enough to witness one of Tyrese Maxey’s best games as a Sixer. It was a great battle with four players in the game scoring more than 30 points, while Andre Drummond put up monster numbers with 23 rebounds. the sixers played with energy and heart, it was a great game, and I’ll be looking forward to the next Sixers game I will be attending.


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