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Do you own Commercial real estate and searching for the best method to sell commercial property fast? Buying Property 215 specialize in quick sale real estate, residential and commercial. Over the years, we’ve renovated a variety of properties all over the Philadelphia area. We have been doing it long enough to understand the ins and out’s of a real estate sale. Buying Property 215 takes pride in assisting property owners in getting as much money as possible for their property. If you’re looking to have a quick sale of real estate, you need to sell to a company that will get the deal done fast with zero games played. Our company won’t make an offer we can’t follow through with because we value your time and our time. If you get stuck agreeing to sell to a company at a price, and they do not close, it leaves you frustrated and forced to look for another option after a month of your valuable time going down the drain. Our company doesn’t give an offer we can’t close on. We are freeing you of any stress of worrying if you are dealing with the right company or not. Buying Property 215 easiest way for an expeditious real estate sale!

Does Buying Property 215 Purchase Commercial Real Estate?

Yes, we buy commercial real estate! Buying Property 215 has purchased over a dozen commercial real estate properties over the years. From large to small, no matter the size we buy. Not just in Philadelphia – we also buy commercial properties in Delaware County, Montgomery County, Chester County, & Bucks county. If you’re a commercial real estate owner that has a building you no longer have use for, then reach out to Buying Property 215 to receive an offer on that property. Even if the commercial property is in use and you decide to sell we will help. Don’t worry about conditions just contact us & get an offer today to quick sale real estate!

Multi-Family Real Estate Sale

Do you own a multi-family home that you’re looking to sell? Buying Property 215 will purchase any type of multi-family property. If it has two units or twenty, it does not matter. Multi-family properties are an excellent source of income if you’re able to keep up with the repairs, mortgage, insurance, and taxes. As a multi-unit property owner, you understand. This is why we purchase multi-family homes as-is, no need to move any tenants out or make any repairs. We work well with tenants no matter their situation. We understand people as well as real estate which makes us the perfect candidate for buying your multi-family residence!

Ryan Bullock (Co-owner of Buying Property 215)
Ian Bullock (Co-owner of Buying Property 215)
Buying Property 215
We’re Buying Property 215, we purchase quick sale real estate! Sell commercial property fast!
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