Running a Business While Living with Bipolar Disorder

Mental Health Awareness

(This blog post explains my experience living with bipolar disorder while running a business. I want to spread mental health awareness while breaking stigmas and inspiring others to live up to their potential without being limited by their mental health disorder. Running a Business While Living with Bipolar Disorder | Mental Health Awareness)

Living with Bipolar disorder is difficult enough but running a business with bipolar disorder seems almost impossible. I’m co-owner of a family-owned and operated real estate company. Every day is a battle to keep my bipolar symptoms to a minimum and have a productive day. Some days seem more accessible than others, but even with my medication and treatment plan, I experience those tough and overwhelming times. I realize my mental well-being comes before anything, and nothing else matters if I don’t care for my mental health.

My Experience With Mental Health

I was diagnosed with manic depressive disorder (Bipolar 1) and major depressive disorder at age 16. At the time, I knew life wasn’t regular; I often felt isolated from my classmates and friends. I was a teenager trying to understand who I was and grow into a young man while being confused about why I constantly felt depressed. As the years passed, I became more aware of what bipolar and depression were and how to have mental health awareness. I learned the importance of taking my medication daily and participating in therapy. I realized I wasn’t alone and that other teenagers struggled with similar mental disorders especially bipolar disorder.

When I was experiencing this “new” side of me, it was time to work part-time while going to school. Being an employee struggling with a mental health disorder was extremely hard; I had days where I felt terrible, and my condition had a full grip on me. Those days I didn’t want to be in my skin, let alone around others serving the general public. But I couldn’t feel comfortable explaining this to most managers because of the stigma associated with mental health disorders.

It took me a couple of months to write this article. Still, I did it to set an example that others are not alone, and those struggling with mental health disorders have more significant potential than being on disability at a young age. I’ve lost jobs having a meltdown because I wasn’t utilizing my coping skills and caring for my mental well-being. Although I have excellent customer service skills and excelled at grocery stores, episodes at work on rare occasions prevented me from becoming a manager. At this time, my group counselor saw great potential in me, and she had the impression that I had what it would take to be an excellent therapist, especially being a drug/alcohol counselor. She recommended me to Montgomery County to get certified as a peer specialist (someone with a mental health disorder who works as part of a treatment team working with clients, an individual the clients can relate to). I worked in that position for almost a year, helping individuals manage their mental health and find employment. I loved helping others struggling with something I learned to manage and live with, but the position wasn’t for me.

The Start of Our Company

In February 2020, my brother & I decided to start our own real estate company. Finally, becoming my boss was a blessing; I could step away from the business whenever I felt overwhelmed at my worst. I didn’t have to worry about my bipolar disorder getting me fired or feeling embarrassed. I realized it’s imperative to take my medication daily, and I must do the little things to keep myself well, including therapy. It helps that I have the support of my family and that they understand me and the warning signs of the decline of my mental well-being. It’s crucial to put my mental health first. Making sure to get enough sleep and exercise also plays a significant role. All the little things to keep yourself well add to the sizeable overall picture! If you begin feeling down, let your support group know. If you don’t have a support group, please feel free to reach out to me. I have your back! Always remember that it can’t rain forever; the sun is bound to shine!

Ian Bullock Philadelphia
My name is Ian Bullock, co-owner of Buying Property 215. Thank you for reading my blog post on mental health awareness & living with bipolar disorder.

About Our Company

We’re Buying Property 215; two brothers passionate about real estate & helping others! Compared to your standard real estate company, we go above and beyond for homeowners. We strongly desire to help remove families caught in undesirable living circumstances, such as properties requiring serious house repairs, dangerous areas, neighborhoods with poor schools/education, and those significantly impacted by hard times that fell behind on their mortgages. We understand each homeowner’s needs are different. Unlike your average real estate company, we offer multiple options to sell your property. Two of our primary options are the standard route of listing your property on the market with our father, a licensed realtor. Our other popular option to sell your property will be our quick house sale, allowing homeowners to sell the property quickly in its current condition without completing any renovations or home upgrades. We believe in making a stressful process as simple as possible! If you choose our quick sale method, you’ll avoid closing costs, typically one to three percent of the sales price, while avoiding the real estate agent commission, which can equal up to six percent of the total sales price. In addition, this method requires no inspection period or contingencies! Since we provide our project funding, we can close within three weeks. Buying Property 215 is accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating & 5-star google reviews!

Our Process

Once we agree upon an accurate sales price, both parties will sign a brief agreement of sale to begin the process. The contract will be forwarded to a title company to complete the search. A title search clears up all state and city-required documents, including the mortgage payoff, tax lien payoff, and transferring the deed. The title search typically takes up to three weeks, although with a clear title, it can be finished within one business week. When the title search is concluded, the title company will set a time and date for the closing that works best for the seller. At closing, we will sign a couple of documents, and the funds will be released through a paper check or a direct wire transfer to the seller’s bank. We can guarantee the highest offer on your property! Buying Property 215 is the best way to maximize a home sale profit if you decide, “I want to sell my house for cash.”

Running a Business While Living with Bipolar Disorder.
Buying Property 215

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