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(We’re Buying Property 215, a family-owned real estate company! We buy property in any condition regardless of the situation. In this blog post, we explain the real estate market in Berks County & the different methods to sell Berks County property. Each homeowner has diverse needs for selling real estate, so we believe in offering multiple home selling services from the traditional approach to selling directly to a real estate investor, no matter how we’re here to assist! We buy houses Berks County!)

Our small business provides a simple real estate transaction; the seller is responsible for no repairs, fees, or agent commissions. We allow the seller to choose the best closing date for their needs. Buying Property 215 conducts zero inspections, walkthroughs, and showings; we purchase problem properties as-is! The Better Business Bureau accredits our family-owned company with an A+ rating and 5-star Google reviews!

Traditional Method to Sell Property

The most popular and standard selling method will be to list the property on the market with a licensed realtor. Listing a property on the market will allow the seller to receive the most significant value on their property; this method is appealing but comes with numerous stipulations. If you list a property on the market with an agent, you’ll be required to make any necessary repairs or updates to get the home to specific standards. These repairs can be costly and prolong property selling; some individuals may not have money to complete the renovations. After the updates are finished, the seller will prepare the property to show to potential buyers during walkthroughs. These walkthroughs can be complicated or overwhelming if the property is your primary residence or if you have pets.

Once a potential buyer is placed, it’ll be a financial contingency for the buyer’s finances to get approved and a period for the title search to be conducted. When you sell property on the market, the seller is held accountable for the six percent real estate agent commissions, equivalent to six percent of the total sales price; this doesn’t include the one to three percent in closing costs. A great benefit when utilizing an agent is their knowledge of the market and ability to correctly run real estate comps to receive the correct value on your property. Real estate agents also utilize an online system called MLS, and this platform allows the agent to promote the property to buyer’s agents within four states. There are pros and cons when using an agent to sell a property like anything else. Always explore all options to figure out which route will fit your needs.

Selling Property Directly to an Investor

Over the last decade, a new method of selling property has become extremely popular. The new route is property of sale directly to a real estate investor. When you sell your property to an investor, it allows you to sell the property in its current condition without making any repairs or renovations, which is excellent for homeowners who cannot afford the costly repairs to get it to the standards of the traditional method of sale. Another enormous benefit when you choose to sell the property to an investor is that most investors will purchase your property regardless of the circumstances. If you’re facing foreclosure, tax liens, or the property has severe structural issues reach out to a reputable local investor to explore your options. The process of selling property on the market can be time-consuming. The transaction takes months to complete; when you sell directly to an investor, the title company can complete the process within three weeks. Most investors will cover closing costs, and property of sale off-market is an excellent way to avoid the six percent agent commissions.

Benefits of Selling Property to Buying Property 215

There are numerous benefits of selling your property directly to Buying Property 215. We’re a family-owned real estate company with a background in customer service, so our primary goal is to satisfy those we serve while treating these individuals like family. We can guarantee the highest cash offer on your property while providing you with the cash comps in the area, so you can understand how we formulated our proposal ultimately. We offer the option to close on a time frame that works best for the seller, and we can complete within three weeks or delay the closing for months.

When you choose Buying Property 215, a popular route is selling a house as is in PA; sellers are not required to clear the property out of personal items or furniture. We buy houses Berks County regardless of whether the property is perfect or needs some serious work. If you’re looking to avoid the six percent agent commission or the three percent closing cost, contact us to see how we can assist you. Since we’re the end buyer, there will be no showings or walkthroughs, and we will only need to lay eyes on the property once, so wholly avoid open houses and weekend showings. We fund our deals, so our company has no financial contingencies to get approved for the funds. We value our time and your time, so we only make offers on properties we are interested in purchasing. Reach out to our company to discuss your options and receive a no-obligation offer on your property. Buying Property 215 purchases single-family houses, multi-family properties, vacant lots, mixed-use buildings, and commercial properties.

Our Process

We understand that selling property can be overwhelming; we offer different home-selling options to make this complicated process as simple as possible. First, reach out to us to explore your home selling options; if you decide to sell your property as-is may be your best choice, we can discuss a sales price on your home. If we can agree upon a sales price, we will sign a brief two-page agreement of sale to start the process.

Next, we will forward the contract of sale to a local reputable title company to complete the title search. The title search is a process where the title company clears any existing mortgages, taxes, and utility bills to transfer the title. Once the title search is finished, and all the state-required documents are completed, the title company will set a closing date and time that best suits the seller.

At closing, all parties will sign the rest of the papers, and the title company will release the funds either by paper check or wire transfer directly to the seller’s bank account. After completing the transaction, we will bring in local contractors to make necessary repairs to get the property to rental-ready standards. We hold these homes as rental properties for families looking for affordable housing. (Our years of experience and knowledge provide a simple real estate transaction; we value your time and ours. We will NOT sign a sale agreement with a property seller unless we can guarantee a quick closing. The Better Business Bureau accredits our small business with an A+ rating and 5-star reviews!)

Step 1

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We research the details of your home and start crafting an excellent offer for you.

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We present you with a fair cash offer without obligation and no fees.

Step 3

Get Paid

Get the cash you need now. You do NOT have to wait 6 – 12 months to sell your house.

Our Referal Program

We offer a referral program that pays more than any other real estate investment company. Suppose you have no interest in selling a property but know of a family member, neighbor, or friend interested in selling off-market property. In that case, we will pay you between two and four thousand dollars for the referral. We purchase property throughout Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, & New Jersey. Feel free to contact us to receive an offer on your property! (Sell Berks County Property | We Buy Houses Berks County)

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