Sell My Home Fast in Philadelphia – 5 Tips to Help You Sell Property Quickly

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“Help! I’m Trying to Figure Out How to Sell My House Fast in Philadelphia”

5 Tips for Home Sellers

If you own a house in Philadelphia and want to sell it quickly, read this blog for five tips that will help you sell your house sooner! {Sell My Home Fast in Philadelphia – 5 Tips to Help You Sell Property Quickly}

Tip #1 – Skip the Fix-Up

One of the most time-consuming reasons homes don’t get sold as quickly as the seller wants the renovations, repairs, and clean-up needed before the home can go on the market. Real estate agents understand what their buyers are looking for, so they usually urge sellers to make renovations and home upgrades. Unfortunately, the larger the renovation, the longer the sale is delayed.

Tip #2 – Forget Retail

When a home is sold “on the market” (usually listed by an agent), the prospective buyers are usually called “retail buyers,” meaning that the buyers are looking to buy a home that they want to live in. Unfortunately, retail buyers are notoriously unpredictable, buying on their timeline, which may not be your timeline! A better option is to think about selling to a professional home-buying company.

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Tip #3 – Gather Your Data

One surprisingly time-consuming part of the sales process is when the buyer requires information the seller needs to find. This might include information such as when the HVAC unit was installed, when the roof was last shingled, etc. Homeowners who anticipate these questions and have the answers at their fingertips can usually accelerate the buyer’s timeline and potentially sell their homes faster.

Tip #4 – Bypass the Agent

An agent is motivated to sell your house and try to get the best price for it. While that is important, they may not always have your preferred timeline in mind – since an agent may choose to delay if they think they can get a higher price. Bypassing a licensed realtor and selling directly to a buyer, such as a buyer like us at “Buying Property 215,” will help you sell your house faster. (We are cash home buyers, and we have cash on hand to buy your house right now)

Tip #5 – Get Ready to Decide

It is our experience that homeowners who think they are ready to sell are not always truly ready. They WANT to sell, but when it comes time to decide, they have difficulty moving forward. If you are interested in selling fast and get in touch with a company like us, get ready because we can move quickly and even close in and put a check in your hands in about a week!

Are you looking to “sell my home fast in Philadelphia? Click here to fill out the form or call us at 215-359-6090 right now

Introduction to Buying Property 215 | We Buy Houses Fast
Introduction to Buying Property 215 | YouTube

Sell My Home Fast | Home Buyers

Many benefits come with selling a house directly to real estate investors. Cash home buyers can provide a quick, straightforward house sale regardless of the overall condition and situation! Buying Property 215, a family-owned real estate company believes in offering homeowners multiple options when selling property to satisfy their selling needs appropriately! Our company understands each homeowner has different goals when it comes to selling a house; some homeowners need a fast sale to avoid foreclosure, while other homeowners have the time and financial support to list their home the traditional route, which is selling a house on the market with our licensed real estate agent. If a homeowner chooses the quick house sale method, we will be able to close on the property within twenty-one days. When we purchase property fast, we buy the home regardless of the condition; this includes the home’s structure issues or requires significant house repairs. The standard route of selling property typically requires the seller to cover the home maintenance, closing costs, and agent commissions. The realtor’s commission will consume roughly six percent of the total sales price, and this amount does not include the closing costs and closing tax.

The process of selling a house on the market comes with many strings attached; first the homeowner will be required to complete any necessary repairs to get the property to certain standards, after the renovations are completed, the homeowner will have to prepare the house for showings. These showings are difficult for sellers with busy schedules, children, or pets considering most showings are conducted during the evenings or weekends. Once a potential buyer is discovered, the property will be having to pass multiple state inspections which may require costly repairs or a delay to the process. Buyers will have to undergo financial contingencies to receive approval for the loan or mortgage through the bank or a private lender! The whole process of selling a home the regular route can consume thousands of dollars and months of time, that’s even if the buyer can close on the home. Selling a house directly to cash home buyers allows a quick and easy property sale.

Stress-free home selling process – Selling a home can be stressful and overwhelming. Buying Property 215 believes in making this journey as simple as possible! After submitting a lead, we will reach out to discuss your desired sales price. Once we can agree upon the highest cash offer, we will sign a brief agreement of sale to begin the process and start the title search procedure. The title company will clear up any state-required documents and existing mortgages to transfer the title/deed to the property. The title is usually cleared within two weeks, and a closing date is scheduled as soon as possible. At closing, all parties will sign a couple of documents, and the title company will then release the funds to the seller through a paper check or wire transfer. The title company is an excellent way to finalize a home sale without a lawyer or real estate agent. Reach out to us today to receive a no-obligation cash offer to “sell my home.”

Benefits of Choosing Buying Property 215:

  • We purchase property in any condition – no repairs needed.
  • We can close quickly – within 21 days.
  • No fees, No closing costs, or agent commissions.
  • No inspections or financial contingencies.
  • Highest cash offer guaranteed.
  • Accredited with the “Better Business Bureau
  • 5 Star Google reviews!
Buying Property 215

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