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Looking To Sell a House Fast in Baltimore?

If you’re searching for methods to “sell my house fast Baltimore,” look no further. We’re “Buying Property 215” we buy houses in Baltimore in any condition & situation. We’re a family-owned real estate solutions company with years of experience helping homeowners escape undesirable circumstances. We live life on life terms, and as homeowners, we face different obstacles such as major repairs, fire damage, foreclosure, & an increase in taxes, which applies pressure and may force you to explore options to “sell my house fast in Baltimore.” At Buying Property 215, we believe in making selling your home simple. Walk away from the property without any required repairs; no need to clean out the property, & if preferred, we can close on the property within 21 days! Pay absolutely no listing fees or agent commissions. We have been helping homeowners in Baltimore sell houses fast for over ten years! Buying Property 215 understands what it truly takes to help someone sell their home promptly. We have seen almost every situation you could imagine so that we can assist you best regardless of the circumstances!

A Tough Situation For A Homeowner

We once dealt with an older woman in the Middle East section of Baltimore who had lived in her home for thirty years. She had purchased this home with her husband in the late 1990s. After years, most of her family moved out of the city or passed away, including her husband. She had done the best job she could maintaining this home for years after her husband had passed. But as time passed, she began having more problems with her home. Such issues with her roof, plumbing, and even her electrical started to become faulty. It also became too much for her to go up and down the stairs with all these issues. That’s when her daughter contacted us through a quick google search. All her daughter did was submit her mother’s information and meet them at the property the next day. After some brief conversation with her and her daughter, we discovered we could help. We agreed upon a number that worked for her, and we went to settlement a few months later after we helped her relocate to an area that best fit her needs. We always have the homeowner’s best interest when it comes time to sell a house fast.

Problems With My Home

As a homeowner, you could imagine plenty of things that could go wrong with your property. In Baltimore, developers built many homes in the early 1900s, which, as you know, can cause many problems. Most of the issues you may face going wrong with a home consist of costly repairs. We find proper plumbing to be a significant issue for property owners. You are in good shape if you have not experienced a problem with your plumbing. But if you are misfortunate, you understand how much you will have to pay if your sewage line gets backed up or needs to replace. For example, to replace a brand-new sewer line depending on whether you need to dig up the pipes out front of your house. You will be paying anywhere from $3,000 to $5,000 to get this repaired, which is a lot of money. Your roof is also a common household issue that we face. If you need to get this replaced even on the smaller rowhomes, you will be looking at a couple of thousand to do so; electrical being faulty or having significant issues isn’t something as common to happen to your home, but it is capable of happening if you happen to get stuck behind an electric panel needing to be replaced or fixed. Again, you could be looking at a hefty amount to do so. These are all problems that do come along with being a homeowner. We have seen hard times and understand what people go through daily. No matter where you live, you can contact us today to find out how we may find people to help you. We make our process short and straightforward when you sell with us.

How Our Process Works

When we agree upon the sales price, the process begins! After completing our signed agreement, we sent the paperwork to a local title company. The title company would begin the search to clarify the existing mortgage, taxes, & utilities. The title company typically takes two to three weeks to complete the quest. Once the title search is finished, the title company will find the best time and date to close. At the closing, the title company would review all documents, gather signatures, and hand you a check or transfer the funds to your bank account. We use cash from one of our private lenders, or we use our funds. This way, we can always ensure a fast close. If you sell your house on the market, you will often encounter issues with the new buyer trying to get approval for funding. With us, you do not need to worry about us closing.

After closing the property, we bring local contractors to update/renovate the property to a rental-ready condition. Once done remodeling the property, we hold the properties as affordable rental properties. We’re passionate about providing real estate services and assisting the community; over the last few years, we have taken part in over a hundred projects within Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, & Delaware! The major cities we have offices are Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia. We will help you relocate; there have been times we’ve helped individuals move from our northern states down to southern states like Florida. Allow our family-owned real estate company to treat you like family! We give homeowners the ability to sell a house fast, so contact us, Buying Property 215, to receive the highest offer guaranteed on your property!

Step 1

Contact Us

We research the details of your home and start crafting an excellent offer for you.

Step 2

Get Your Offer

We present you with a fair cash offer without obligation and no fees.

Step 3

Get Paid

Get the cash you need now. You do NOT have to wait 6 – 12 months to get your house sold.

Benefits of Choosing Buying Property 215

  • We purchase property as-is, regardless of the overall condition!
  • We have experience purchasing property in any situation (pre-foreclosure, tax liens, etc.)
  • Ability to close within seven days!
  • Pay absolutely no fees or closing costs.
  • We offer different routes to sell the property (traditional on-the-market sale or quick house sale)
  • Buying Property 215 purchases single-family homes, multi-family properties, vacant lots, and mix-use buildings!
  • Highest offer is guaranteed!
  • The Better Business Bureau accredits our company with an A+ rating!
sell my house fast baltimore
Sell My House Fast in Baltimore | Buying Property 215

We Buy Houses in Baltimore:

We purchase property in any condition regardless of the circumstances! We are buying single-family houses, vacant lots, and multi-family properties throughout Baltimore City and Baltimore County! We specialize in buying and selling homes in specific neighborhoods like Cedonia/Frankford, Southwest Baltimore, Belair-Edison, & North Baltimore! Please don’t hesitate to contact us to receive a no-obligation all-cash offer!

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