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(In this blog post we discuss the real estate market in Montgomery County Pennsylvania & different options to sell Montgomery County Property. We will explain the benefits of choosing Buying Property 215 to sell your home! We specialize in purchasing Montgomery County Property with a strong focus on areas such as Abington, Lower Merion, Norristown, & Cheltenham Township! – “Sell Your Montgomery County Property | Abington | Lower Merion)

Traditional Method to Sell Property

The most common route homeowners choose will be the standard method of listing the property on market with a licensed real estate agent. The traditional method can provide the highest offer on your property but also can be extremely costly and time-consuming. When you sell property on market you’ll be required to complete numerous repairs and updates to get the property up to certain standards to present the property to potential buyers. As a homeowner, it’ll be suggested to finish minor tasks such as painting the walls or simply preparing the house for showings. The traditional method requires inspections, most of the time when these inspections are completed it exposes any flaw involving the property which will essentially cost most homeowners money that’s not available. After the stage of preparing the property a real estate agent will have to list the property on different services such as MLS. A benefit about using an agent will be the strong resources, listed agents use a platform called MLS which allows licensed agents to post the property for others agents and investors to explore. Most homeowners aren’t fully aware of the value of their property, so when a homeowner doesn’t consult a professional they may underbid themselves when it comes to selling the property. The procedure of locating a qualified buyer and going through the process of selling a home can be overwhelming, so in most cases consulting an agent may be the best route! One of the main issues with utilizing an agent will be paying the six percent agent commission which will be deducted from the total sales price, this six percent doesn’t include the three percent for sales tax and the percentage paid towards capital gains tax.

For Sale By Owner

Selling property “for sale by owner” has gained much popularity over the last few years. This method is when a homeowner goes about the process of selling their home on their own. This route allows for homeowners to avoid the six percent real estate agent commission which essentially frees up thousands of dollars. For sale by owner allows for a sale as is, although just like the traditional route it’ll be important to complete any updates and repairs in order to attract potential buyers. This route allows for the seller to be in complete control of the sale, including presenting the property and negotiating the sales price. For sale by owner can consume much time while becoming a headache to deal with the process with little to no knowledge. A negative aspect for most individuals when selling property on their own will be the lack of experience and resources, these homeowners don’t understand how to run comparable real estate comps so without consulting a professional prior to selling property they may be leaving profit on the table. As a homeowner before going about the route “for sale by owner” conduct research and gain knowledge on your property and the exact value!

Selling Property to an Investor

There is a newer route to selling property which many homeowners are taking advantage of. This method will be to sell your property directly to real estate investors. Selling your home to an investor will allow you to sell your property as-is with no repairs or updates necessary. Typically when you sell the property directly to an investor the process can be completed within three weeks. This method is excellent for individuals who are desiring a quick sale or homeowners whose property may require too many costly repairs. This route is similar to for sale by owner but much more simple. The seller avoids the six percent real estate agent commission without going through the difficulty of advertising the property waiting patiently for a qualified buyer to come along. If you choose a company like Buying Property 215, you’ll be able to avoid all closing costs and other fees. The ability to avoid the lengthy process of selling property makes things much easier and straightforward. In most cases, investors are open to acquiring properties facing foreclosure, tax liens, or serious structural issues which the traditional method of selling property doesn’t allow.

Buying Property 215

We’re Buying Property 215, a family-owned and operated real estate company located in Philadelphia. We purchase property in any condition regardless of the circumstances! We specialize in purchasing properties within Montgomery County Pennsylvania, with a strong focus on areas such as Abington Township, Lower Merion Township, Norristown, Plymouth Meeting, Cheltenham, & Pottstown! We believe in making the process of selling property as simple as possible, that’s why we offer multiple options to purchase the property. Our two main methods will be to conduct the traditional route of listing your property on market with our licensed real estate agent who’s also our father! Another most popular route will be to sell your property to us as-is shape, we’re real estate investors who purchase property in any condition. We’re two brothers born in Philadelphia where we resided until our teenage years, once we were thirteen and fifteen years old we moved to a Montgomery County property located in Conshohocken. We both graduated from Plymouth Whitemarsh High School in 2011 and 2013. After completing high school we both attended Montgomery County Community College where Ian graduated with an associate’s degree in human services and Ryan graduated with a degree in computer science. Prior to entering the real estate industry, we both worked in fields assisting others. Ryan had been employed with “save the children” which is a nonprofit organization that collects donations for children who are starving and lacking resources such as medication and education! Prior to becoming a real estate investor, Ian worked as a career specialist at Central Montgomery Behavioral Health, which is an outpatient mental health facility. Ian assisted the treatment team of doctors and therapists by working with the clients on obtaining employment or education while helping the client develop life skills and coping skills. We take pride in helping others and our reputation. Unlike other investors, we will show you the exact comparable comps while explaining our offer that way the seller is well aware of their home’s current value!

Benefits of Choosing “Buying Property 215”

  • We purchase property in any condition (no repairs or renovations required)
  • We can close on a time frame that the seller desires (between three weeks to multiple months)
  • We’ll purchase your property regardless of the circumstances
  • Buying Property 215 guarantees the highest cash offer on your property
  • No inspections or contingency periods
  • Avoid real estate agent commissions and closing costs
  • We’re straightforward and honest (we will show you the real estate comps and explain the exact value of your property)
Buying Property 215

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