Selling a Home in Pennsylvania | Sell a Home in Pennsylvania

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Selling a Home in Pennsylvania | Sell a Home in Pennsylvania

As a homeowner looking to sell a home in Pennsylvania can be a daunting task, especially if you’re trying to do it on your own. With the demand for homes in Pennsylvania increasing in the absence of enough median homes, it’ll be difficult for you to attend to all potential buyers if you have other engagements. However, you can sell your house quickly and fast without any commission. If you’re one of those who’ve entered the query, “how do I sell your house fast in PA” in any search engine, you should know that you can sell a house fast and in exchange for cash at a fair price. This cash-for-house deal helps to reduce your stress over meeting a particular group of buyers’ renovation demands and gives you a return for your house as soon as possible. This piece will provide you with a detailed guide on selling a home in Pennsylvania, exposing what makes selling a home in Pennsylvania daunting. You’ll also know how to sell your home faster than ever.

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Why is Selling a Home in Pennsylvania so Daunting?

There are many reasons a homeowner will find it difficult to sell their homes in Pennsylvania, and some of them include the following:


Common real estate practice in Pennsylvania requires that you have a realtor that handles the marketing of your real estate for an average of 5.5% of your property’s selling price. The buyer and the seller usually have a licensed realtor representing them, and in some cases, the seller has to pay a commission to his and the buyer’s realtor.

The total commission a homeowner pays realtors to close the deal on a property can be as high as 12% of the selling price. This chunk of money deducted from the purchase price reduces the homeowner’s profit.


Before your home can be desirable to prospective buyers, you must ensure that it meets the standard buyers are looking for in your locality. Homeowners will usually visit recently sold properties in their locality to see what they can improve on in their properties.

Depending on buyers’ demand, they usually have to update the kitchen outlook, improve the curb appeal, or add extra rooms. Unfortunately, renovations cost money, and there’s no guarantee that you’ll recover your expenditure after selling the home.

Buyer appointments

Many homeowners try to avoid selling their homes through realtors. Instead, they do their home listing by themselves and save themselves the about 5% an agent will take. However, they usually run into problems with meeting up with buyers’ appointments, especially if they have other businesses to attend to.

Homeowners must sacrifice other engagements to meet up with prospective buyers, and they may not buy the house. In other cases, they may miss the appointments and lose a qualified buyer.

How to Sell Your Home Faster Than Ever Before

There are many avenues to selling property in Pennsylvania. However, most aren’t fast, and you’ll have to wait for the buyer to come to you. However, you can be proactive and go to your buyer to get your house off the real estate market as quickly as possible.

The way to sell a home in Pennsylvania faster than ever is to go to a cash-for-home buyer in your locality. You can reach any available via a phone call to schedule an inspection. They’ll check your property, value it, and send you feedback as soon as possible. If their offer is close to or the same as your valuation, you can close the deal with them.

Home Preparation Steps Before Putting it on the Market

Generally, the better the state of your home, the more its value. So while a cash-for-home buyer doesn’t necessarily require you to renovate your home, you’ll sell your home faster, even to a cash-for-home buyer, if you remodel your home before putting it on the Market.

Therefore, before you publicize your home for sale, here are some steps to prepare your home for a fast sale.

Researching other houses

You should know what real estate prices are in your locality before putting your home up for sale. Then, you can go to websites that offer house sales and see what houses that are similar to yours, have the same facilities, and are in the same locality as yours are selling for.

You should also check the state of their kitchen, bedroom, bathrooms, and toilets. This will help you in the next step.

Making appropriate renovations

Check out other houses around you to know how their exterior and interior outlooks compare to yours. Also, note when they were last renovated before they were sold.

Generally, the kitchen and the bathrooms are the most renovated parts of the home. However, you want to be sure you’re not going over the top with the renovation. Keep renovations as cheap but qualitative as possible.

Increasing curb appeal

One of the determining factors if your house will sell fast is its curb appeal. Prospective home buyers are looking for a home that offers some outdoor aesthetics. Therefore, you want your house to make an excellent first impression.

Mow the lawn, trim its edges, and water it regularly. Make the entrance as attractive as possible and keep shrubs as neat as possible.

Maintenance check and repair to the heating system

A home with a functioning heating system is more valuable than one without a functioning one. You should have a maintenance check on your heating system close to the period you want to sell your home. If something is faulty, repair it.

Your house will sell off the real estate market faster if prospective buyers see that its facilities are under good home maintenance.

Photographing the home

Take professional photographs of your home’s interior and exterior. If you decide to take pictures, ensure that your home’s interior is exposed to as much natural light as possible. Also, remove extraneous and old furniture from the interior before you take photographs.

You should also add colors to each room to improve their appeal to prospective buyers.

Uploading to home sales sites

You can now upload those pictures to your preferred home sales site and wait for buyers to approach you, or you can approach a realtor to list your home for sale. Your photos will come in handy. However, you’ll sell your home faster if you approach a cash-for-home buyer with your pictures.

Final Thoughts

Suppose you’re a homeowner in Philadelphia or any part of Pennsylvania looking to sell your home. In that case, you may be one of those that enter the query, “sell my house fast Philadelphia,” into search engines. You can sell your home fast through cash for home buyers. However, it would be best to renovate to increase your home’s value. {Selling a Home in Pennsylvania | Sell a Home in Pennsylvania}

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We research the details of your home and start crafting an excellent offer for you.

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We present you with the highest cash offer without obligation and no fees.

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Get the cash you need now. You do not have to wait 6 – 12 months to sell your house.

We’re Buying Property 215, a family-owned real estate company that specializes in purchasing property throughout the beautiful state of Pennsylvania! We provide a simple process to sell a property for maximum profit while completing no repairs and inspections. As a result, the Better Business Bureau accredits our small business with an A+ rating and 5-star Google reviews!

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