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Introduction to Buying Property 215 | We Buy Houses Fast

We Buy Any Condition | Selling a House As Is

Are you exploring your options for selling a house as is in Philadelphia? We’re Buying Property 215, a family-owned real estate company, and we buy any condition Philadelphia for cash! Traditional real estate sales listings are not necessarily the best option to sell your property for top value. Some homeowners cannot financially or physically do the necessary work to compete in the Philadelphia market. Others are unwilling to go through listing, showings, and dealing with negotiations, preferring not to spend a lot of time waiting for the sale or spending cash out of pocket to help buyers qualify for their mortgage loans. We will explore five beneficial reasons for selling a house as is in Philadelphia. (We buy any condition Philadelphia)

  • No repairs or inspections!
  • No walkthroughs or showings.
  • Pay zero fees, closing costs, or commissions!
  • Close within 21 days!
  • Top cash offer guaranteed.

Save Money

Saving money on preparing the home for showings and real estate marketing costs is a great reason to sell your house as-is in Philadelphia to an experienced professional buyer like those at Buying Property 215. You won’t have to concern yourself with cosmetic fixes, such as painting or modernizing appliances or the interior. Listing homes in disrepair on the traditional market often leads to extremely lowball offers from bargain hunters, who want discounts for whatever work they need to complete. Deciding to sell your property off-market compared to listing it on the market with a licensed realtor will avoid agent commissions, usually equivalent to six percent of the total sales price. If you choose to sell your home to Buying Property 215, you will prevent closing costs up to three percent of the total sales price, saving nine percent off-market of sale.

Save Time

Saving time is a motivating reason when selling a house as-is in Philadelphia to a direct buyer, like Buying Property 215, especially if you face foreclosure or other financial issues. In addition, for sellers who have had to relocate while their home is on the market, selling the home as-is can resolve the time pressures of traveling back and forth between the properties.

No Repairs Needed

When you work with a direct buyer like Buying Property 215, you can sell with no repairs required in Philadelphia. What unknown problems the inspection might reveal won’t be keeping you up at night anymore. You can also skip the nightmare of living in a construction zone while house repairs drag on. We require no renovations, inspections, or contingencies.

No Commissions

Saving the commission that real estate agents take from the profits at closing is an excellent reason to sell a house as-is in Philadelphia to an experienced professional buyer like those at Buying Property 215. No hidden fees or expensive surprises are waiting for you at the closing with a direct sale. The amount offered is what you will receive in cash through an immediate sale.

No Buyers Backing Out

Buyers often insist on contingencies, even with as-is properties, that will allow them to back out of deals upon learning of severe problems during the inspection. One reason to sell your house as-is in Philadelphia to a direct property buyer like Buying Property 215 is that you will have a guaranteed closing date. In addition, direct buyers completely understand what is involved with buying a home in as-is condition and are willing to take on the risks.

We Buy Any Condition

When we say we buy any condition, that means any home you could imagine. No project is too small or too large for us to handle. Having your construction crew take all problems when remodeling a house is key to success. We buy any condition Philadelphia with crumbling walls, no floors, fire damage, & even animals living in the home – we buy any condition Philadelphia! Buying Property 215 provides the most accessible method for selling a house as-is! We specialize in purchasing property in any situation, but we also purchase property regardless of the circumstances – if you’re facing foreclosure, we can help prevent foreclosures!

No Holding Costs

Bearing the cost of two homes is a motivating reason to sell a house as is in Philadelphia, an experienced professional cash home buyer like those at Buying Property 215. Sadly, if you have relocated, you are all too familiar with the expenses of maintaining the new residence along with the home for sale is stressful, not to mention the costs of traveling or paying a caretaker.

A direct sale to Buying Property 215 means the deal won’t fall through! We fund our arrangements, so there are no financial contingencies or issues. We also value your time and time, so we only make an offer if we have serious interest! We buy any condition & can close fast at Buying Property 215 because we are cash home buyers! Set the best closing date for you and leave everything else behind. You don’t even need to clean. Buying Property 215 will make an offer you agree is fair for your home. We make the process easy, which is the best reason for selling a house as is in PA. Please send us a message or call [Buying Property 215] at [215-359-6090] to learn more about our provided real estate services! No repairs are needed & we buy any condition Philadelphia!

Our Process:

We understand that selling property can seem complicated and, at times, overwhelming. We take pride in providing multiple selling options to homeowners while making the process of buying a home simple as possible. Our most popular selling option will be our “quick house sale” this route provides a sale within three weeks if desired while requiring no house repairs or home updates! Once we agree upon a sales price, we will sign a brief two-page sale agreement to proceed. Next, we will forward the contract of sale to a local reputable title company to start the title search. The title search is a simple process that clears the title to transfer the deed.

Typically, a title company can provide us with a clear title within three weeks, although the title company can sometimes complete it within five business days! Once all the required documents are concluded, the title company will set a closing date that best suits the seller. Finally, we will finish signing documents; the title company will release the funds by issuing a paper check or wire transfer directly to the seller’s bank! Contact us to receive a no-obligation all-cash offer, the highest offer guaranteed! Our family-owned real estate company has an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau!

Reasons to Choose Buying Property 215:

  • We purchase property in any condition (outdated homes, severe structural issues, major repairs, etc.)
  • Buying Property 215 purchases property regardless of the circumstances (pre-foreclosure, tax liens, existing mortgage, lawsuits, etc.)
  • Pay absolutely no fees, closing costs, or agent commissions
  • We conduct no inspections
  • Seller chooses the closing date
  • Receive the highest cash offer on your property
  • Our company buys single-family houses, multi-family homes, vacant lots, and commercial buildings!
Buying Property 215

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