5 Things You Should Do to Sell Your House Fast in Philadelphia

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Sell Your House Fast in Philadelphia

You could be selling your home for many reasons; once you decide it’s time to sell property, you usually want to sell your house fast in Philadelphia because the real estate process is complicated and time-consuming! Buying Property 215 provides a quick and easy closing, requiring no repairs or fees! Our company is experienced and knowledgeable; we composed a brief list of things you should do to sell your house fast in Philadelphia.

Appropriate Asking Price

The number one thing that will sell your house fast is to offer it for sale at an appropriate asking price. Spend time researching the recent comparable sales in the close area to the property (usually within a quarter-mile of the subject property). Make sure to analyze all aspects of the property: whether or not it has a pool or access to a body of water or canal, the year the property was built, the proximity to shopping plazas, grocery stores, or other points of interest in the neighborhood.

Determine the appropriate asking price using the most recent sales, preferably in the past six months. If there are no recent comps in the offer, consider using other properties in the area and subtracting or adding value based on features that your property does or does not have. If your asking price is too high, you may not receive as many offers because that leads a buyer to believe you do not want to sell your property or simply it’s not worth their time making an effort to purchase your house. If you offer the property for sale too far below market, buyers might assume something is wrong with it, or it may require too many costly house repairs.

Aesthetic Improvements

Making affordable and necessary home updates and improvements to the property will help you sell your house fast without obstacles. If a buyer can walk into the house and imagine themselves and their family living in it, this will help the property sell much quicker. Offering a unique feature in the property, such as a custom bar on the back porch, might help a buyer fall in love with the property and make an offer quickly and be willing to pay a higher price, but this may be risky because the potential buyer may see these “improvements” as an added undesirable responsibility! It’s essential to consult with the realtor if these upgrades are appropriate for this property!  

Host Open Houses

Hosting an open house will help sell house fast. This will encourage the local real estate agencies to visit the place in hopes that it will meet the criteria of one of their clients. If a real estate professional is searching for client houses, their clients are pre-approved and ready for a quick house sale. Real estate professionals may even like the property for themselves! Other potential buyers will also attend; however, some may not be pre-qualified or even able to obtain a loan. 


If you are an investor who flips properties, you most likely know other real estate professionals or professionals in related fields, such as pool cleaners, property inspectors, or contractors. These connections have access to an extensive word-of-mouth database of the customers they do business with and can mention your property, especially if they are in the market for a new home. Even if you are not a real estate investor, tell all your friends and family your house is on the market. This is a great way to spread the word. 

Modern-day technology had a significant impact on the real estate industry. The internet has allowed sellers to advertise their property easily; it will enable potential buyers to search particular home criteria within seconds. There’s no need to drive around looking for homes when anyone can complete a quick google search! 

Prepare a Proforma

Preparing a proforma for multi-family properties or even single-family houses will be another tool to sell your house fast in Philadelphia. This will be especially attractive if your property is multi-family because the most crucial part of an investment is the return on investment! Doing your research on the rental property market in the area will be worth it because it is the backup of your estimated rental amount. Investors can compare this with their initial investment and determine if it meets their investment goals.

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Benefits of Selling to “Buying Property 215”

We’re Buying Property 215, a family-owned real estate company located in the Roxborough section of Philadelphia. We understand the process of purchasing or selling property can be complex and, at times, overwhelming; we know each individual has different real estate needs, so we propose multiple real estate services to satisfy all requirements. The two most popular routes we offer sellers will be traditional on-the-market listing with our licensed realtor. Selling a house, the standard way, provides the most profit on the sale and requires repairs, inspections, and financial contingencies.

Selling property on the market may consume months to complete, along with multiple fees and costs. Our company presents an option of “selling a house as is in PA” this route requires no renovations or fees. If the seller chooses the closing date, we can close within twenty-one days. Buying Property 215 takes pride in covering all closing costs and offering sellers the highest cash offer on their property! We purchase single-family houses, multi-family homes, and commercial property! The Better Business Bureau accredits our company with an A+ rating! Reach out to us today to receive a no-obligation offer for your property!

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