Trip to Mount Tammany | Mental Health Break From Work

(We’re Buying Property 215, a family-owned real estate company! This blog post is about the importance of taking a mental health break from work. We recently took a day to explore Mount Tammany. The daily grind of real estate may get overwhelming, so we explain how it was beneficial to take a day to step away! Buying Property 215 blog post – Trip to Mount Tammany | Mental Health Break From Work )

It’s always important to keep balance in life! We always need to identify where we need balance then implement the plan to address it. We felt the best way to balance our business & take a break from work was to climb to Mount Tammany’s top to set eyes on the beautiful views. At the end of each day, our overall wellbeing comes before anything, including our company with a strong passion!

Our Trip to Mount Tammany

We had planned our day trip with our father to spend some quality family time together while exercising and experiencing delightful views! Our father has a co-worker he spoke with a few days before our trip who recommended we travel up the blue dot guided hiking trail to the top of Mount Tammany, followed by going down the blue path. So, we left Philadelphia around 7:10 in the morning, heading directly to our destination. We had expectations that it would probably take us roughly two and a half to three hours to reach the top of the 1,526 mountain with little to no breaks.

Our ride to the mountain was pretty simple; we arrived around ten-thirty, which we assumed would happen! As soon as we reached the start of the blue trail, greeted by a stunning waterfall that had a solid stream pouring down that part of the mountain. We traveled up the hill a couple of minutes to the option of going forward for miles to the campground or staying on the blue dot path by traveling across the waterfalls bridge. As we crossed the first quarter-mile up the blue trail, slightly elevated, the course was clear. We were moving at a decent pace for individuals that only hike on paths similar to Mount Tammany once a year. We were met by three deer that were roughly ten yards away, just casually eating plants. As we continued, It was a priceless sight on the beautiful mountain. We were enjoying our family time while strolling up the hill. We began seeing other people passing us returning from the top that informed us we were halfway up. Once we were at this point, the path had a tad bit more rocks, but for the most part, it remained pretty simple.

Reaching The Top of Mount Tammany

After two hours of a peaceful journey up the mountain, we had reached the top of the blue dot trail. We sat down to enjoy our lunch while facing the Pennsylvania border. Over ten minutes, we only saw two or three other groups. Then, we traveled the red dot trail to find another mountain peak filled with different groups of people. I recommend the view directly at the top of the red dot trail; it seemed to be more popular and an overall better view. It appeared to be most people traveled up the red to go down the blue path, and the red trail was difficult to go down because it’s filled with rocks, and it just seems easier to go up to red and down blue. On our way down the mountain, I had become courageous and arrogant, increasing my pace, which led to me slipping on a large rock and falling, so be careful, especially a day after it rained. Although the last rainstorm made for a solid little stream down the entire blue dot trail, which was awesome. The water was crystal clear and had a fresh/clean taste to it.

We finished the entire mountain in roughly three and a half hours. It was an enjoyable day with perfect weather. It was essential to have some family time while embracing nature & exercising! It was a breath of fresh air, taking the day off & receiving a mental health break from work. If we don’t take a brief break from our daily routine, we slowly break down physically and mentally, becoming overwhelmed. We have to do the little things in life to keep our overall picture clear and healthy. There’s no better escape from reality than a day hiking Mount Tammany! We highly recommend this spot!

Mount Tammany - Water Fall
Mount Tammany – Waterfall
Mount Tammany
Mount Tammany
Delaware Water Gap
Delaware Water Gap

Thank you for taking the time out to read our blog post! (Trip to Mount Tammany | Mental Health Break From Work)

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