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Unwanted House

Unwanted House in Philadelphia | Sell Pennsylvania Property

Owning an unwanted house in Philadelphia can be expensive, frustrating, and burdensome. There isn’t much worse than not liking where you live and feeling as if there is nothing you can do about it. Whether you are living in the house or renting it out, our latest blog post offers five ways to handle your unwanted house in Philadelphia and sell Pennsylvania property quickly! 

Nobody wants to feel stuck owning a house they don’t want. Every expense and maintenance cost feels like a burden, but you want to explore different options before selling the home to a buyer. Below, our family-owned company offers several great ways to handle your unwanted property in Philadelphia! Our years of experience and high level of knowledge allow us to best assist individuals we work closely with; our mission is to educate others about real estate while helping homeowners maximize profit on a home sale!

Renovate It

Please examine how much it will cost to renovate the entire house and how that will affect the home’s overall value. Maybe you have been putting off house repairs for years and feel completely overwhelmed. But perhaps, all the property needs is an update to restore it to its old glory and natural beauty. A simple renovation to the house can significantly impact the home’s value, turning it into something you may want to hold onto or possibly something you can receive the most money by selling and then downsizing to a more manageable home to maintain. 

Find The Right Renter

Maybe you are burdened and looking to sell Pennsylvania property because you are tired of bad tenants, chasing down your rent, monthly expenses, or making repairs. The incorrect tenants in place can completely negate the benefits of owning a rental property. Tenant turnover will quickly kill your profits if you struggle to find consistent renters and constantly make repairs. 

Before you give up on your Pennsylvania property, ask yourself if things would be different if you had the right renter that made life simple. Maybe it isn’t the right house for you, or perhaps the tenants currently living in your home have soured you on the whole situation, causing you to want to throw your hands up in the air & walk away. Don’t walk away until you think about ways to get the right people in there. A great property manager can help screen tenants, ensure you get the right people in the house, and make your investment profitable. It’s always recommended to utilize professional assistance with any aspect of real estate; rental properties are an excellent source of income; landlords rather be safe than sorry! 

Sell It Fast, As-Is

Yes, you may not get the exact retail value, but the quicker you can sell it, the more cash you will be able to hold onto. While your property may not be flawless, there are always investors who choose to purchase properties as-is. By selling it quickly to a cash home buyer or private buyer, you’ll be able to end the holding costs, keeping more money in your pocket overall. Selling a house as is in PA saves you from the costs and burdens of having to clean, upgrade, and repair the home. You can choose to list the place in this manner, but you will still be subject to commissions. With a direct sale, those can be avoided. A fast and private process to sell Pennsylvania property can save you thousands when you consider the homeowner’s insurance, property taxes, monthly utility bills, routine maintenance, repairs, and landscaping costs you will face month after month compared to a standard listing on the MLS. Our company provides the easiest method to sell my house fast, usually within twenty-one days requiring no repairs or fees. 

  • No repairs, renovations, or updates!
  • Close within 21 days or multiple months. 
  • We require no inspections, showings, or walkthroughs. 
  • Pay no realtor commissions, fees, or closing costs! 
  • Highest cash offer guaranteed.
  • Buying Property 215 is accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating and 5-star Google reviews! 

Give It Away

In some situations, simply giving the house away can be the best thing you can do with it. You’ll receive some great tax benefits and will be able to benefit someone else in the process. You can choose to give it as a donation to a charity, or you can give it to a friend or family member. If you have no interest in holding onto it and don’t believe you can receive much money, giving it away may be the best thing you can do in your current situation!


How much is the property costing you? If the answer is nothing, consider holding onto it for a while to see what happens to the property value. If holding onto it for a few months, longer has the potential to net you a few thousand more, it might be worth waiting. Take a look at real estate market trends and appreciation rates. What does future development look like in the area? By holding it, you will be able to sell the property at a time when you will see the most significant profit possible, maybe once the area has been built up a bit and is in higher demand.

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Buying Property 215 will purchase your house quickly and as-is. This will save you time, money, and effort on repairs, fees, & holding costs. You can work with private home investors or highly-rated, professional homebuyers such as Buying Property 215. If you are looking for a fast and fair way to sell your house in Philadelphia, we will immediately offer you a no-obligation highest cash offer! Our simple process will give you insight into the actual value of your home in Pennsylvania! If you have an unwanted house in Philadelphia that you would like to sell, get in touch with us today to find out what we can do for you!

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