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(We’re Buying Property 215, a family-owned real estate company that specializes in purchasing property in any condition & situationwe buy houses in Pittsburgh & the surrounding counties. Receive the highest cash offer on your property! Pay zero fees & no commissions. Close on a time frame that works best for you. Contact us for the process of selling property made effortless, painless, & straightforwardWe buy houses in Pittsburgh PA!

If you’ve ever explored or considered selling property now we will be the most appropriate time. We’re currently experiencing a seller’s market, most homes are being sold in less than a month above the asking price. Most homeowners who have ever considered selling property are making the decision to sell their properties to take advantage of buyers paying above market price, most believe eventually that the real estate market will hit a peak high and then homes begin decreasing from their current value. Another cause for the current real estate market is that nationwide interest rates on properties over the last year were well below 3% which has slowly been rising.

Benefits of Selling Property to Buying Property 215

At Buying Property 215 we understand that the process of selling property can become overwhelming and that not every property is in perfect/updated condition for the traditional route of selling property on market with a real estate agent, so our goal is to make it as quick and simple as possible. We offer the option of us purchasing property as-is (no repairs or renovations required) on a time frame that works best for you! We typically close within twenty-one days, however, we can delay closing for a couple of months if necessary. Avoid all closing costs, fees, and commissions when you decide to sell to us! We buy houses in Pittsburgh PA!

Our Process

We take pride in making the process of selling property as easy as it’ll get! Once we can agree upon an exact amount for the property we will sign a standard two-page agreement of sale. We will submit the agreement of sale to a local reputable title company for they can begin the title search (a title search is when a notary/title company completes all required documents to provide a clear title to transfer the deed). As soon as the documents are completed, the title company will set a closing date that works best for you’re scheduled! At closing we will finish signing the paperwork then the title company will issue the funds. The funds will be issued either by paper check or the funds will be wire transferred to your bank! After the sale is complete we will bring in local tradesmen and contractors to make any necessary renovations or repairs which typically takes a couple of months then we will hold the property as a rental.

Selling Property As Is

Most likely you’re aware of companies that allow you to sell your house in a fast manner without making any renovations, updates, or repairs. Buying Property 215 provides you with numerous options including “fast cash sale”. As real estate investors, we come across homes in different conditions with homeowners with separate needs & desires. This is why we offer people a faster and easier way of selling their houses in Pittsburgh PA. When you sell your home on market you must make repairs and complete inspections. Which could be costly and time-consuming. When you sell your property as is, we will do the hard & expensive work for you. You don’t need to make one repair or you’re not required to remove anything from your home when selling to us. We handle cleanouts so you don’t have to. A company that has your back no matter the situation!

We Buy Property in Any Situation

We purchase property regardless of the circumstances. If you’re facing pre-foreclosure feel free to reach out to us to discuss the best route to prevent the loss of your property. We understand life can throw you curve balls such as falling behind on your mortgage, as a loss of a loved one, a divorce, or structural issues on your property – no matter what occurs there are always options to solve any issue! Contact us – we buy houses in Pittsburgh PA!

About Us

We’re Buying Property 215, two brothers who take pride in assisting individuals who are trapped in difficult real estate situations. Over the last six years, we’ve helped homeowners avoid foreclosure, relieve their selves liens, falling behind on the mortgage, repairs, and renovations that are too large & costly, or even situations where the neighborhood was dangerous and we helped the families relocate to safer areas! We’re born and raised in Philadelphia where we had also started our careers. Over the years we’ve grown to purchase property throughout the state of Pennsylvania. We purchase property in any condition. We specialize in single-family and multi-family properties, although we have also completed about a dozen commercial projects. We’re able to assist you by offering multiple options to sell your property. My brother and I handle the investment side of real estate, we will purchase your property fast and as-is. Our father handles the retail side of real estate, if your best option would be to make the updates and repairs then put the property on market we will suggest that route. The route of going on the market can take months for the sale to be complete, but it can ensure you receive extra money compared to the quick sale alternative. Prior to real estate we both worked jobs helping others so we care about those we serve, Ryan worked for save the children which is a nonprofit that collects donations to assist struggling children around the world. I have years working as a career specialist in a behavioral health outpatient facility! We put all our effort into helping homeowners find the best option when it comes time to sell the property. Allow our family-owned company to treat you like family! Contact us – we buy houses in Pittsburgh PA!

Buying Property 215
Buying Property 215, a family-owned real estate company! We buy houses in Pittsburgh & surrounding counties!
Ryan Bullock, co-owner of Buying Property 215
Ian Bullock, co-owner of Buying Property 215
Buying Property 215

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