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Were you looking for the best company to buy your home in Pittsburgh, PA? We buy houses in any condition in Pittsburgh, PA & surrounding counties!

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Looking To Sell Your Home?

Are you a homeowner in Pittsburgh, PA, looking to sell your home? Buying Property 215 may be the solution to getting it sold quickly. They’re a company determined to a fast home sale, with 10+ years of experience in the cash buying process. They make it easy with little to no stress to you at all. Do you own a property that you may be looking to sell without an agent or listing the property on the market? If you are looking not to sell the traditional way, then you are in the right place. Please read more below about how we can help you sell your home today at no cost to you. soo divided

Reasons Why You May Want To Sell For Cash!

  • House needs too many repairs.
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Downsizing
  • Tired Landlord

Does Your House Need Too Many Repairs?

Homes become costly in the long haul to maintain in today’s age; many people choose to rent than own. Renters make up 30% of today’s market, according to the U.S census. What could be a significant cause for this is that homes are likely to have something go wrong with them. Based on a report, developers built the average home in the Pittsburgh PA, area before 1950. Older houses tend to have issues, like a leaky roof, faulty plumbing, outdated electrical system, etc. If you have ever run into one of these issues, you understand this may become costly. Buying Property 215 understands that this happens and is an expert at fixing up homes needing major repair. We do all of our work and never need to outsource a job. We’re Pittsburgh home buyers specializing in every area of the city, which means we have also seen it all as far as the home’s condition. There is never a project too big for us to handle!

Loss Of A Loved One?

We often come across a situation where a son or daughter is looking to sell their late parents’ home. We can never tell what life has planned for the ones we love or us. If in the event someone we care about passes away. What if they own a home and you live out of state or don’t have the time or money to manage that home. Selling might come into some of our minds because we know it might be time to do so. If that is the case, you will most likely want to find a company willing to buy that home. Buying Property 215 has been in this situation plenty of times.

Is House Too Large?

The majority of the homes in the Pittsburgh PA area are two or more stories. Our bodies tend to work against us as we get older, making the most straightforward task more difficult. Getting to your bedroom on the second floor may be one of these complex tasks. If you or a loved one is experiencing this problem, it may be time to sell. We don’t only purchase homes; we also help people relocate as well. So if downsizing to something smaller with no steps and easier to maintain is something you are looking to do, then you are in the right place. Buying Property 215 has been helping relocate homeowners for years!

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The Process Of Selling On Market

When it becomes time to sell your house, you may list that home on the market using an agent. What does putting your home on the market entail? When you list your home with a broker, many different requirements are involved in completing your home’s sale. Did you know you have a checklist to complete before you can even consider selling? You’ll have to complete an appraisal of your home, which costs a lot of time and money. There must also be pest control as well as other inspections of the house have to be completed. Such as a standard home inspection, pest inspection, soil, structural, as well as environmental. The buyer must also arrange and get approval for financing to purchase your home. There must also be a time you may have to wait for the buyer to obtain property insurance and get all of their paperwork in order. Even after getting your inspections done, you must have it re-inspected to make sure a licensed contractor made all the repairs in the home. Buying Property 215 will purchase your house in any condition. Even if it isn’t in that bad shape and you just don’t want to go through this entire lengthy selling process with an agent. When you sell on the market, how many fees are involved in selling your home? You are usually responsible for 6% sales tax on the sale of your home. Home repair cost to pass any inspection that may you may be responsible. As well as the 6% real estate commission incurred by the buyer and seller agent. When it comes time to “sell my house,” instead of taking the long, drawn-out process of selling on the market, we have seen thousands of homeowners who struggled to sell their property on the market and the problems that exist when they do so. In today’s market, this is why more homeowners are coming to Pittsburgh; home buyers like us to get their homes sold is the better option.

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We buy houses in any condition! Reputable home buyers of Pittsburgh, PA

Home Buyers Of Pittsburgh, Pa

No matter what your situation is, we can help you. Doing this for as long as we have, we understand life is bound to throw something crazy at us no matter who we are. Being prepared when something terrible happens is almost impossible; this is where we come in to help people who may have fallen on hard times or just your average homeowner looking to sell fast. If you are looking for the best home buyers in Pittsburgh, PA, you don’t need to look any further.

Benefits of selling your Pittsburgh home to Buying Property 215:

  • Sell property as-is – no repairs, updates, or renovations are required
  • Avoid fees, agent commissions, & closing costs
  • Close on a time frame that works best for you
  • No inspections or contingencies
  • Receive the highest offer on your property

If you’re looking for the most straightforward method to sell property, reach out to Buying Property 215. We’re trusted Pittsburgh home buyers. We purchase property in any condition and situation!

– Buying Property 215