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Sell My House Fast Allentown

At times owning a home can be extremely costly. Especially when things tend to go wrong with the home. If it is a plumbing problem, electrical issue, or even your roof has outlived its use. Regardless of the problem or situation you may be facing, Buying Property 215 is here to solve the problem. We’re a family-owned real estate company that specializes in purchasing property throughout Pennsylvania. We’re two brothers passionate about real estate & assisting homeowners out of undesirable circumstances.

  • We purchase just about any home regardless of the condition even if the property is experiencing structural issues.
  • We buy property in any situation, no matter what may cause you to sell (divorce, loss of loved one, moving for a new job, looking to upgrade, repairs, inherited property)
  • No need to complete any repairs; we buy property as-is!
  • At Buying Property 215, we understand selling property can be an overwhelming process, so our goal is to make things as easy as possible. One way to relieve the pressure is the ability to close on a time frame that works best for you, as long as necessary or as little as 7 days!
  • Once we agree upon the sales price we will send our signed agreement to a reputable title company to begin the title search. Once the title company completes the required documents, they will set a closing date to finish the transaction!

What Makes You Guys Different?

Buying Property 215 is a family-owned company that originated in Philadelphia. But has been branching out for years. Allentown has been an area of interest for our company. We take pride in our work with homeowners and communities. We are the only company out there that offers $2,000 to $4,000 in helping us get in contact with motivated sellers. The reason being is because we understand that people are going to sell their homes with or without us. Why not pay people a considerable amount to help connect us with our next project. We have specialized in helping homeowners out of tough situations for years. If you are looking to “sell my house fast Allentown” then you need a company with the ability to close fast.


If you have a home in Pennsylvania you are looking to sell especially in the Allentown area. Contact us “Buying Property 215” the home buying experts when it comes time to sell my house Allentown

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Contact Us

We research the details of your home and start crafting a great offer for you.

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We present you with a fair cash offer with no obligation and no fees.

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Get Paid

Get the cash you need now. You do NOT have to wait 6 – 12 months to get your house sold.

We Buy Houses Allentown!

We buy houses Allentown as well as the whole of Lehigh County. We specialize in the home buying process. No matter the condition of your property we can close fast. If you are in the Hamilton District, Jordan Heights, Dutch Hill, East Allentown, Union Terrace. No matter where we will buy your house. Buying Property 215 is based out of Philadelphia, but has been buying homes in Allentown for several years now. When it comes time to sell your home we understand the importance that comes with it. If this was a property that you owned for 40 years or one you even for a couple of months, we still understand the importance of getting the most you can for your home. We know Allentown well as well as what a home should sell for. We walk homeowners through the home selling process as well as the number we come to for your home. If you ever have any questions we are here to answer them for you. Dealing with us is like a two-way street, we believe that transparency is important. Just know that we buy houses Allentown in any and all condition.

Homeowners Looking To Sell Fast

If you’re a homeowner looking to get rid of that property quickly then you need to know you are selling to the right company. We have been in real estate for over five years handling everything from fixing up homes to building them. Treating homeowners the way we want to be treated. Providing them with information on the true value of their home. Allowing for you to get the most out of that property you may be looking to sell. Contact us if you’re searching to “sell my house fast Pennsylvania” because we buy houses Allentown.

Have a house that needs work? How about one that needs too much? Wondering how to “sell my house fast Allentown”?

What Does it Mean to Sell As-Is

Are you looking into selling a house as-is for cash? But do not know how? This is an easier way to sell your home without making any repairs at all! When listing your home on market with an agent. You may feel overwhelmed with the number of tasks that a buyer’s agent may request of you to complete the sale. If selling a home on market is something you have done in the past, or even a process you know someone has been through, then you know what you are in for. Don’t just take it from us you can find out all of this by doing quick research! Buying Property 215 is an investment company that specializes in off-market selling a home as-is sale. We understand that not every property is picture-perfect. Over time homes may become too much for one to handle. That is why we purchase homes in any condition. Meaning you make zero repairs, no cleanouts, and definitely no inspections. This allows you the freedom to move on from that property that may be causing you a headache.

Selling to Us Instead of Putting Your Home on Market

Listing with an agent works great if you have a property in perfect condition and can afford to wait for the right buyer. The Allentown housing market is hot and pretty houses are selling fast on the market. However, we can help you avoid the hassles of a traditional sale. Traditional buyers may have their financing fall through, having dozens of people walk through your house in an open house, worrying about inspections, all can add stress and months to the process. When you take the agent’s fees and items the buyer is requesting you fix into account, the actual amount you get in your pocket is almost never the price you’re selling for. Your main goal is to sell a house fast and not pay all tons of closing costs. Cash home buying companies like us truly give you a faster route of selling your home. If you decide to list with an agent there is tons of work you will need to do to get it to pass that inspection before closing. We give homeowners the option of not making a repair or even taking anything with them when they sell if they do not want to. Putting your property on market could take months to sell, listing agents also contract you with them for at least six months. Buying Property 215 is the direct buyer so no need to go wasting time listing that home with an agent.

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We Buy Houses in Any Condition | Selling a House As Is