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Are you a cash buyer looking for your next fix and flip. Then, look no further Buying Property 215 is your solution to find your next deal. Get access to the best fixer upper house for sale in your market!

We handle finding investors with their next project. So if you are a cash buyer looking to be on our buyers, list then fills out our form below. Whether you are looking for a fixer upper house for sale, we can provide you with a property at the best numbers around.

  • Our deals follow the simple formula of purchasing the property at 65 to 70 % of ARV.
  • Fixer-upper house for sale in major cities like Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Allentown, and many more.
  • We provide investors with profits on their next flips.

What type of properties do you have?

We have plenty of different homes we come across every week. Every home we deal with needs work. Some of the homes need more work than others. The main focus as a company is to make sure our buyers stay happy with their deals. We want to ensure that they will keep coming back. No matter where you are looking for your next deal, we got what you need. Most of the homes we have for sale are in Philadelphia. Recently we have expanded our range of where we buy houses—allowing us to be acceptable to change in each market. If you want to be part of our constantly growing buyers list, fill out a few questions about where you look to buy and see how we can help.

Truth Behind Getting Good Deals

There are plenty of companies out there claiming that they get the best deals. The truth is there are plenty of bargains to go around. As long as you deal with a company that contracts the home at the right place, you are off to a good start. Of course, everyone wants the best deal; here at Buying Property 215, we try to provide investors with the best numbers possible on the next home they buy to invest their money in. We truly 100% back every deal that we acquire for resale. We have such an extensive network reach that we get deals in every part of the state of Pennsylvania. With more than five years of obtaining homes for resale purposes. We have the experience of locking up homes at the correct numbers for you!

Some Of Our Recent Deals!

Fix and Flip Opportunity

We have been doing this long enough and have such an extensive reach across Pennsylvania to get as many deals as we do. We focus on our google presence in the easiness that a homeowner or investor can find us. We focus most of our time on our outreach. No matter where someone lives in the state of Pennsylvania, we have attempted to buy their home. Focusing on acquisition for years, we spent plenty of time finding different ways to find our following deals to sell to an investor.

Are You a Buyer?

Are you an investor anywhere in the state of Pennsylvania who is looking for your next fix and flip? No matter where you are, we will be willing to find you your next deal. We only ask a few things of you, such as providing us with your funding options for each sale. Also, we ask you to provide us with some recent projects that you have done. If this is your first deal, let us know to help you find the means to get the deal done. Finally, we always ask that you let us know the preferred area you like to buy homes. Fill out our information below so we can help you get on the path to financial freedom,

A Little More About Us

We have been finding houses for just over five years and worked with over a thousand different investors to help them find their next deal to make some money. We are experts and obtaining homes that can use some work. Our number one goal is to provide investors with the best off-market deals possible. You will not see any of our deals plastered across Facebook or any other social media. All of our sales are 100% guaranteed and contracted directly through our company. In most cases, we accept using a buyers title company to make things easier on you. If you want access to hundreds of deals a year, fill out our quick form and let us help you get that next fix and flip.