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No Fees, Zero Repairs, and No Inspections. Receive The Highest Offer. 5-Star Google Reviews!

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Sell My Home Philadelphia - Buying Property 215

Buying Property 215 is a family-owned company that believes selling a home should be convenient and fast. We offer a home-buying service that is easy and suitable for any homeowner. We’re the number one “we buy houses Philadelphia companies.”

If you are looking to sell your house fast in Philadelphia, we can help. We will make you an offer on your home close to your desired listing price, and we can close the deal quickly and easily. We will even clear out the property of any existing items for you!

Contact us today to learn more about our home-buying service and how we can help you sell your house fast in Philadelphia with our fast property sale program.

{5-Star Google Reviews | Family-Owned Company}

We Buy Houses in Philadelphia

Are you looking for a company that can buy your house fast for cash, with minimal hassle? Do you want to skip the home inspection, expensive repairs, and all the other real estate market requirements that take ages to cover?

Then, Buying Property 215 is the partner for you!

With fast, efficient, and convenient service, we’ll offer you an immediate offer, and we will buy your house in 21 days!

Give us a call today; we can help you sell your house. We’ll help you walk away from your home without dealing with the nitty gritty problems of selling.

We Buy Houses in Philadelphia PA

Step 1

Make you a cash offer for your home within 24 hours.

Avoid the hassles of listing your house with a licensed real estate agent! We can present you with a fair cash offer in as little as 1 hour – no obligations, no fees; we buy houses in any condition. 

Sell my house fast in Philadelphia

Step 2

Pick the time frame that you would want to close.

We can close as soon or as long as you would prefer. We work on your time!

house buyers Philadelphia

Closing Process

Have the flexibility to sell your home on the date you choose. We can close in as quickly as seven days with cash in hand.

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Buying Property 215 Philadelphia House Buyers

We’ll guide you through every step when you sell in Philly.

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We pay cash for homes in Philadelphia PA

We buy houses in Philadelphia PA

Buying Property 215

We’ll buy your home so you can sell without the hassles and stress of listing.We’ll

  • The highest offer is provided within 24 hours!
    Tell us about your house; then we’ll carefully evaluate it with local market expertise and provide you with a fair, no-obligation offer.
  • No Showings – No Hassles! Sell houses in Philadelphia “as-is,” so there are no open houses, weekend showings, and no need to fix it up first.
  • Instead, you choose your closing day. Once we make an offer, we can close in days, not months. So, pick the date best for you with the opportunity for a fast sale while we buy homes for cash.
  • We pay ALL closing costs.
    Closing costs can add up, so we cover them for you: absolutely zero extra or hidden fees.
  • Zero fees and zero commissions! Since we’re buying your house, we charge no fees or commissions like if you sold the house on the open market. The sales price is the amount that goes into your pocket.
  • We will cover any repairs.
    Does your house need repairs? We’ll handle them for you. You can even leave behind unwanted items, and we’ll haul them off – no extra charge—the easiest way to get rid of and sell that frustrating property.

The Traditional Way

  1. The months the property takes to sell continue to accumulate.
    Your home costs you money the entire time it sits on the market. Some people can’t wait 90 days to sell their house.
  2. Plenty of showings and disruption to your life; not only do you have to get your house ready to show, but the number of showings can severely disrupt your life.
  3. It takes forever to close when you list your home on the MLS.
    It takes 30-60 days to close after accepting a buyer’s offer – assuming their financing doesn’t fall through.
  4. A seller is responsible for up to 2% of the sales price in closing costs.
  5. Fees and commissions stack up. In addition to closing costs, commissions, and fees stack up and reduce how much goes into your pocket. On average, 6% in commissions/fees are paid by a seller.
  6. As a result, you could be on the hook for property repairs. In addition, depending on what happens during the inspection period, you could be on the hook for repairs you didn’t know needed.

“Who Buys Houses in Philadelphia for Cash?”

Buying Property 215 is a professional property buyer with years of experience in the home buying and real estate investment industry.

We started in the homebuyer niche when we noticed that selling homes has hurdles that make it almost impossible to sell property, especially when you’re desperate.

Most homeowners must jump through hoops and wait years while their property sits on a most real. Then, the website. They pay listing fees and spend money to maintain and repair the property while looking for a buyer.

Fortunately, Buying Property 215 created a solution to simplify the process to make selling accessible to everyone.

How did we do this?

Simple: We purchase homes in Philadelphia for cash with an immediate payout, no inspections, and no repairs!

Instead of waiting forever for your property sale to close with realtors, we’ll provide a cash offer that pays out immediately. We also use our experience to receive the most profit on a swift house sale.

Buying Property 215 doesn’t hold any home inspections. We also don’t have you responsible for any repairs or home maintenance. Instead, we’ll take your house as is and renovate it with our team and funds.

We also put you in control of the selling time frame. We work to accommodate your schedule if you want to close immediately or in a few weeks.

Selling your home has never been easier. With the help of our professional home-buying process, you’ll have access to all the benefits of selling with none of the drawbacks.

Our Process: We Buy Houses In Philadelphia PA.

Are you looking to sell your home quickly for cash? Then, we’ve got you covered. Here is how the process works in three simple steps.

Step 1: Contact Us

If you want to sell a home with minimal hassle, you only need to contact Buying Property 215

We’ll use our contacts and industry experience to research your home and the area and determine the best cash price for your home.

We’ll then get back to you for you to get a cash offer on your house and leave you to consider it. You are not obliged to accept our offer.

We also won’t charge you any fees for these initial services. Everything is 100% honest, accessible, and in your control!

Step 2: Sales Agreement

If you are satisfied with the sales offer we provided, we’ll immediately start working on the process of buying your home. First, we’ll give a two-page sales agreement that explains the process in clear, easy-to-understand terms.

When you sign the agreement, it allows us to handle the title search by forwarding the sales agreement to the title company.

The title company will then do a title search and complete it within 7 to 21 days. Once this is done, we’ll consult you on your desired closing period and work to close your home.

Step 3: You Get Paid!

Finally, the deal is done!

We’ll sign all the required documents at the closing and ensure everything is in order. Then, of course, you’ll get the agreed-upon cash for your house as soon as that is done.

we buy houses Philly

No Extra Fees To Worry About

Most real estate agents charge 6% of the final price, making a huge difference when you need cash. In addition, listing websites or agents charge fees that can accumulate over time. Others who give house money houses also sometimes require a commission or a closing fee once the home is sold.

With Buying property 215, you don’t have to deal with hidden sales fees. In addition, we won’t surprise you with service fees or extra packages for which you didn’t sign up.

The sales price we offer goes straight into your pocket!

Quick & Stress-free Process

Selling a property is never easy. Traditional sales channels require the homes to be in perfect shape, which can cost much money. Selling can take months, if not years, without guaranteeing anyone will buy the property.

If you’re struggling after a divorce, dealing with debt, or just trying to get rid of a property draining your funds, all these contingencies can cause unnecessary stress.

From start to finish, Buying Property 215 aims to make the sales process quick and easy. We aim to make selling accessible to everyone, including people short on time, struggling with repairs, or dealing with a property they want to get rid of.

Within 21 days of partnering with us, you will sell your house quickly, and your stress will be gone!



We buy houses Philadelphia

Family-Owned Company

Buying Property 215 has been purchasing houses throughout Pennsylvania for years. We’re doing the work, so you don’t have to. Being a family-owned company gives you a great appreciation for the homeowners of the city of Philadelphia.

Sell My House Fast Philadelphia!

To us, nothing matters more than the successful sale of your property. And the best way to do that is to ensure you get your money’s worth!

Not only are our cash offers impressive to sell a house, but they’re also impressive by usual realtor sale standards.

We use years of real estate investment and home-buying experience to determine your property’s worth. We then work with you, our team, and local property markets to provide the best deal for your home.

  • Fast closings. We buy houses in Philadelphia that can close quickly, often in as little as seven days. This can be a great option to sell your home to potential buyers.
  • No repairs or renovations are required. Off-the-market buyers are willing to purchase houses as-is, so you don’t have to worry about making any repairs, renovations, or a deep clean before selling the home. This can save you a lot of time and money. (BP 215 is a company that’ll buy ugly houses.)
  • No contingencies. Professional investors are not subject to financing or appraisal contingencies, so you can be sure your sales will go through. This can give you peace of mind, knowing you won’t have to worry about your deal falling through like an owner in Pennsylvania would when they list their home with an agent.

More money in your pocket. “We Purchase Houses in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania” companies often offer more money for houses than traditional buyers. This is because they don’t have to worry about getting a loan, so they can offer a higher price without worrying about financing.

Sell my house fast Philadelphia

Do We Only Purchase in Philadelphia?

Since we are from Philadelphia and have started our careers here in Philadelphia, we focus our time on the city. Over the past few years, we have branched out, purchasing homes in different parts of the state. Montgomery County is like a second home to us. We are conducting business in Conshohocken, Norristown, Cheltenham, and many more projects.

Bucks County is another area where we have specialized in purchasing homes. We have done projects in places like Levittown, Croydon, and Bristol. We make cash offers on your home in Pennsylvania, including Allentown. This is a great area where we feel comfortable running our business. Allentown has tons of character and is close to our hometown, Philadelphia. No matter where you live in Pennsylvania, contact us and find out if we can buy your home for cash.

Trusted And Reliable Local Philadelphia Property Buyers: Why Choose Us?

Cash home buyers in Philadelphia

Buying Property 215 is a locally owned and operated company. We’re run by a trio of experienced real estate investors (a father and two sons) with a vested interest in providing clients with the tools for profitable and fast property sales.

We Care About Our Client’s Best Interests

Because we’re a family-owned and operated company, we understand the struggle of selling homes intimately. We’re not a franchise that’s never been in touch with the people they work with. Buying Property 215 is hands-on with all projects.

We know our clients’ struggles because we’re on the ground. While there are many property purchasers in Philadelphia, none care as much about your happiness and financial health as we do. That’s why we provide the best home offer based on the area’s highest-selling comp!

Success Story on How to Sell a House Fast

We had an owner of a property in the Cobbs Creek section of Philadelphia. It was a rental property for the owner, and he had completed multiple house flips in his earlier years; it was one of the last homes he owned, and the repair costs exceeded his expectations. He had an unruly tenant in this home and could not get them out. He contacted us, we provided a cash offer, and we purchased the house from him within a couple of weeks. He could walk away from the property and sell it to a local buyer.

Buying Property 215 is focused on the homeowners of Philadelphia and making it as easy as possible when you need to sell your house. 

Licensed Agents

Buying Property 215 is managed by licensed agents. We stay on top of homeowner regulations and laws to ensure the property sales we undertake to meet all local and state requirements.

You will never have to worry about outdated sales techniques, paperwork, or licenses that jeopardize you, your house to sell, or your money. List your home on the open market with our reputable real estate agent in Philadelphia.

Selling To Buying Property 215 vs. Listing Your Property With A Local Real Estate Agent

Listing single-family or multi-family homes with an agent works excellently if you have a property in perfect condition and can afford to wait for the right buyer to help you sell successfully. The homes in the Greater Philadelphia housing market are hot, and pretty houses are selling fast. However, we can help you avoid the hassles of a traditional sale. Traditional Philadelphia home buyers may have their financing fall through. Having dozens of people walk through your house in an open house worrying about inspections can add stress and months to the process. When you consider the agent’s fees and items the buyer requests you fix, the actual amount you get in your pocket is seldom the price you’re selling. Your main goal is to sell the house quickly and not pay all the closing costs.

What’s the solution to skip the uncertainty and lengthy process? Sell directly to Buying Property 215 – We pay a fair cash price for your house. Thus allowing homeowners to sell their homes without the hassle of waiting for buyers or the cost of commissions.

Sell your property fast!

We’ll know very quickly if we can help you whether you need to sell short or down the road, and unlike selling your house the traditional way through an agent, you don’t have to wait to see if the buyer can get financing. We’re ready to buy right now – We can make an offer for your house in Pennsylvania! Contact Buying Property 215; we buy houses in Philadelphia for cash, offering the best way to sell your home.

Introduction to Buying Property 215 | We Buy Houses Fast

Choosing The Right People That Can Make A Cash Offer

When you sell your house locally, there are three options.

  1. OPTION 1 – Use a realtor to market your home: From start to cash in hand, it’s usually 45-90+ days, with hassles of open houses, commissions, and uncertainty.
  2. OPTION 2 – For Sale By Owner (FSBO Sellers): You’re doing all the work an agent would do, saving a bit of money but costing hours—possibly limited to selling a house fast.
  3. OPTION 3 – Selling your home for cash in Philadelphia: Avoid all of the hassles with listing on the market, and pick your closing date; no obligation to see our fair cash offer, and no need to do repairs even if the house needs serious work, & we BUY houses with cash in the most challenging situations that certified real estate agents or other investors won’t touch when there is a home for sale.

Sell my house fast

$2,000-$4,000 Referral Program!

As real estate investors in Philadelphia, we know that a house is constantly being sold daily! So, we give other people in the Philadelphia area a chance to make money by referring us to a family member, friend, or neighbor looking to sell their home. Help a friend sell their house within a couple of weeks! We’re a family-owned real estate company that buys in Philadelphia as-is. 

Give Us a Call Now At 215-359-6090

We are local buyers in Philadelphia and surrounding areas. If you need to sell your home in Pennsylvania, connect with us; we’d love to make you a no-obligation, top cash offer. You’ve got nothing to lose.