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Do you own a property that may need repairs? Issues in a home can be unpredictable & costly. You may need repairs ranging from plumbing, electrical, foundational, etc. – – Do you want to sell a house? It’s not ideal to have an empty house sit for too long. You may wonder what happens when a house sits vacant. It will eventually cost you money as a property owner when it just sits unattended.

When selling your home, you may experience some stress, feel a bit uncomfortable, and even have some anxiety, especially when you have that property that sits there vacant; there is no reason to worry; our family-owned company specializes in purchasing properties in various conditions including vacant properties, so we buy any home regardless of the circumstance. (We buy homes any condition | We buy any house in any condition | We Buy Any Home.)

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Tips When Owning A Vacant House

There are always tips you can take, even if you want to sell a vacant house.

Tip one – If you are in contact with neighbors of the home sitting, you can always ensure they keep an eye on that property for you. Many neighborhoods have a town watch or civic association that will be happy to do so for you.

Tip two – Secure all possible entrances to the home; this typically includes lower sections of the house and basements. As a homeowner, you can take a few extra precautions, including adding deadbolt locks to all doors and plywood and installing wooden or metal sticks between windows.

Tip three – If you have the money, install a cheap camera system to monitor the home’s perimeter. Even if they’re nonworking cameras, they may scare off anyone attempting to break in.

Tip four – Always regularly head out to the property and periodically retrieve mail and newspapers. This way, you never get important papers taken from you and are still monitored outside the property.

Tip five – do your best to keep the outside lawn upkeep. We know this may be more difficult in the summertime or even when you do not live close to the property. But this is important; the city or township will continue to stack fine after fine against the property. If you decide to sell a vacant house, do not let the outside get too out of control.

Pros For You to Sell a Vacant House

Pro one of selling a vacant home is that if you show the property to people, you will not have to worry about being inconvenienced as you would on your primary residence. Hence, worrying about someone wandering around your house is unnecessary.

Pro tip two can help investors visualize the property better on what kind of work we should and should not do to the home when the property sits vacant.

Pro three: once we close on the property, you will not have to worry about making more payments towards the house, including mortgage, tax, or outstanding bills.

Finally, pro four will give you peace of mind that you no longer worry about the home. Knowing you won’t be responsible for anything with the property anymore should be a sign of relief. So go ahead and get started by sending us your info below! It’s okay if your property may need repairs; we buy homes any condition!

How Do We Buy Homes Any Condition and Situation?

We mean any situation when we state that we buy any home, regardless of overall condition. In our time in real estate, we have seen it all. We have witnessed all types of homes that have become too much for a homeowner to handle. But, the worse the condition, or the better, we are experts at fixing homes and making them livable again. I know we don’t live where tornadoes or earthquakes are possible, but you can never be too careful about a disaster with your home.

Here’s How We Buy Any Home…

Step 1
Our team researches your property and the area’s home values to provide you with a free “Home Value Report” by utilizing our we buy any home program.

Step 2
We recommend a target “sale price” and provide you with a plan to sell to give you the most money possible while selling within your timeframe.

Step 3
You’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ll always pay a fair commission with us, and you can cancel anytime.

Step 4
From listing to “Sold!”, we take care of the details so you can live your life.

Why sell a vacant house or home that may need repairs to Buying Property 215?

Yes, it can be that easy. However, when owning that vacant house, you continue to pay taxes, even possibly a mortgage, or down the road may need repairs. Our goal at Buying Property 215 is to make this the easiest way to sell your house in any real estate market. See if it fits you below and get your offer today from an experienced buyer, we buy any home company!

Dear homeowner of an as is condition house

We buy any house

You’re here because you want to sell a house, but you aren’t too excited about the hassles and fees, and you may need repairs attached to a traditional sale with a real estate agent. Possibly, the property is in rough shape and may be beyond repairs. We often encounter properties like the property shown on this page. We buy any house in any condition property, no matter the situation.

At Buying Property 215, our “we buy homes any condition” program fills the gaps that listing with a real estate agent and the tech giants don’t. But, of course, we’re not real estate agents; we’re direct cash buyers and buy several houses each month nationwide.

Check out how our process works, compares to listing with a local real estate agent, and Google reviews from individuals who have worked with us.

We specialize in Buying a Vacant Home

If you want to sell your house, fill out the quick form below. Or give us a call right now at 215-359-6090.

Our offers are guaranteed. When we make an offer, that’s the price we’ll pay. Unfortunately, we’ve heard horror stories from clients of other less experienced home buyers or the tech giants making an attractive offer only to reduce their offer days after “inspection.” Or even worse, we’ve purchased houses from house sellers after a tech giant or fly-by-night buyer backed out at the last second.

The Sellers We Can Help the Most Are Often in One of These Situations…

We purchase property no matter the situation; if your property has an unruly tenant who refuses to pay rent (also known as a Squatter) or has done damage that may need repairs, even if you have no interest in it or want to sell a house!

We understand some properties may cause burdens or unnecessary stress. But, when you work with Buying Property 215, know that we have seen it all and have helped homeowners get through it all while we buy homes any condition!

Sometimes, when you have a vacant house that may sit there for a while, the weather increments become a factor when it comes to walls cracking, shifting in the foundation, & any other circumstance in which you may need repairs. Also, know Buying Property 215 is on your side!

Call Us Now to sell your property or home that may need repairs at 215-359-6090, or fill out the quick form below to get started & learn more about our “we buy any home” program.

We’re a small family-owned business. Unlike Zillow and the other “home buyers,” claiming “we buy any home,” Buying Property 215 is dedicated to assisting our sellers with receiving the most significant profit when selling property. Buying Property 215 knows how to treat those we serve; we will go above and beyond to satisfy our clients and offer an informed and most suitable price rather than a machine-generated number.

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