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Sell Fire Damaged House In Philadelphia

South-west Philadelphia fire damaged home sale
Kingsessing 19143

An accidental fire could ignite at any moment and spread uncontrollably in seconds, which can decimate a home within minutes. This could leave you in a challenging situation with nowhere to go. At Buying Property 215, we have seen it all, from cooking-related heating appliances to even an electric fire. Thinking if you want to sell that fire-damaged home is not first on your mind. Instead, you would consider fixing that fire-damaged home if a fire puts a few rooms in a bad situation. That smell seeps deep into the foundation of that home, which becomes more troubling when trying to make those cosmetic house repairs. {Want To Sell That Fire Damaged House}

Time for You to Want to Sell a Fire Damaged House

Roxborough Pennsylvania 19128
Roxborough 19128

After the dust clears up, life starts to settle down after a horrifying event. We then begin to question what the next step is if selling comes to mind when you’re in the right place! I’m happy you found us because we have previously specialized with a few fire-damaged homes. If you’re stuck in this circumstance, someone from our team will meet with you to access the house. We will not ask you to enter the home if there is too much pain or suffering. Please be transparent & let us know; we fully understand! We’re experts at finding our way around properties with substantial fire damage. After we get inside & assess how much damage occurred to the property, we can work on a fair cash offer for the home. If you like our offer, we will take that property off your hands!

Questions You May Have

Sell my fire damaged home in East Oaklane Philadelphia.
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There must be a lot of questions running through your mind right now after visiting this page. The first question is, do I want to sell my home? Well, you’re in the right place for those questions to be answered about your fire-damaged home. The second thought that comes to mind would someone be willing to purchase my home in this current condition? The answer is yes, and we don’t mind purchasing in lousy overall condition. Unfortunately, 90% of the homes we buy are in rough shape. So what happens after we close on the property? We begin our process, which requires tons of work on our end. If the property is in an unstable condition, we will get a make-safe permit which will allow us to start work on the property as soon as we get all of our work permits pulled with the city. First, you must focus on the area with the most fire damage & altogether remove that section of the house and start brand new. Then you can focus on the rest of the work done on the property. The process can be extremely overwhelming. Contact us if you want to sell my house fast if that becomes the case.

Our Process

We understand that selling property can be complicated and overwhelming, let alone attempting to sell a home with fire damage or structural issues. The approach to selling fire-damaged property is very similar to the regular procedure! Once the insurance company and fire department handle the situation, we will discuss a sales price. Our company does not need to step foot in these properties; we will access the numbers by similar sold comps in the area. After a sales price is agreed upon, we will complete a two-page sale agreement. We will forward the sales agreement to a reputable title company to conduct the title search. The title search is when the title company clears any existing mortgages, liens, and utility bills to transfer the property’s deed. The title search is typically completed within three weeks of our contract date, and the title company will set a closing date best suited for the seller. At closing, the title company will finalize the paperwork, releasing the funds by paper check or wire transfer directly to the seller’s bank! We will bring in local contractors to satisfy any required repairs; after the renovations and home upgrades are finished, we will rent the property to a family or list the property on the market for a potential buyer to purchase! We provide the option to close within three weeks or as long as a few months.

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Get the cash you need now. You do not have to wait 6 – 12 months to get your house sold.

About Us

We’re Buying Property 215, a family-owned real estate company in Philadelphia. We provided a fast house sale regardless of the overall condition; we have experience buying homes with significant issues, such as fire-damaged properties and houses with serious structural problems. Buying Property 215 is interested in purchasing single-family homes, multi-family properties, mix-use buildings, and commercial properties! We specialize in fast buying and selling homes in Philadelphia and surrounding counties. However, we conduct business in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New York, & New Jersey! {Want To Sell That Fire Damage Home; Contact Buying Property 215 because we buy houses in Philadelphia regardless of fire damage and other house issues.}

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