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Almost everyone knows a local licensed realtor, but selling your Pennsylvania house to a direct cash buyer like Buying Property 215 may be new for most. See how we’ve helped other local property owners sell confidently on your schedule for the highest cash offer without traditional real estate hassles and fees.

We take pride in the work that we have done and want the city to experience the benefits. Our reputation speaks for itself; suppose you do a Google search and look up our company; you will find our YouTube videos, articles from about our company, and BBB accreditation. When you sell your property, you do not just want to sell your house to anybody. Sellers should wish to sell it to trusted, respected property buyers. Our Google reviews speak volumes about what type of company we are & how we assisted homeowners with our “cash for property” program!

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Want to share your own experience with us? Please contact us to let us know what working with Buying Property 215 has been like for you. Thank you for viewing our Google reviews! We’re Buying Property 215, a trusted local family-owned real estate company; over the years, we’ve assisted hundreds of families with the opportunity to get their homes sold, regardless of the circumstances! Above are our past reviews from those individuals we’ve worked with! A+ Rating by the Better Business Bureau! {Google Review | Business Validation Purposes | Buying Google Reviews Is Not An Effective Strategy}

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Customer Reviews

Alex Schulke: “I used this company a few months ago to sell my mother’s property after she was not doing well. Ryan was nothing but honest and extremely helpful throughout this difficult process. He even helped me relocate my mother to a place that was more suitable for my mother. I highly recommend this company when selling your home!”

Dawn Scott: “Greatest team to work with. Very patient and understanding. You will receive a fair offer and guidance through the process. I highly recommend you call them if you are considering selling.”

Randal Lafferty: “Ryan was great; we had already entered into a contract on our new home and needed to sell our home quickly. He was able to purchase our property from us so we could get into our new home quickly and efficiently without having to worry about the property sitting empty while we waited for a sale. I would highly recommend them.”

Nicole Danielle: “I inherited a house that needed a lot of repairs! I needed to figure out how to sell this house fast without putting any money into it, so I researched on Google how to sell a home without a realtor and found Buying Property 215. (The owners) Ryan and Ian are very professional, and they made me feel comfortable. Their cash offer was more money than I expected. They were able to close on my house within two weeks, selling the house in Pennsylvania easily. They are an exceptional company for house buyers! I recommend using “Buying Property 215″ to sell your house immediately. They are a 5-star company!”

This company purchased my home a few months back. They made a difficult process easy! I had no issues getting the home ready to sell. I made zero repairs and took nothing out of the home with me. We made settlement 18 days after signing a contract to sell. I could not be happier.

- Tyreek Edwards

Buying Property 215 is the best company to sell your home to. They made settlement 20 days after signing a contract. Ryan did not give us any issues when we left a few things behind that were too much for us to carry. I highly recommend selling your home to this company.

- James Manuel

They are very nice people who are determined to work on your behalf to help you buy or sell your home quickly. My house was sold fast and efficiently.

Robert Burrell

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Ryan Bullock is a very helpful and respectful young man. Professional easy to work with.

Randal Lafferty

Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness

Ryan was great, we had already entered into a contract on our now home and needed to sell our home quickly. He was able to purchase our property from us so we were able to get into our new home quickly and efficiently without having to worry about the property sitting empty while we waited for a sale. Would highly recommend!