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How to Sell My Inherited Home?

So, you have a desire to sell inherited house in Philadelphia; while this may sound exciting, the reality is less than a pleasure. The truth, however, is that you have inherited expenses along with the house. Unfortunately, well-intentioned loved ones often leave their property in their will to beneficiaries who are already struggling to afford their monthly bills. Often, these homes are in a severe state of distress and require a great deal of upfront cash flow for rehabilitation to turn into desirable properties. 

Perhaps you already have your dream home and have no interest in residing in the property but feel a sentimental attachment. While it is understandable, the value of sentimentality won’t pay for the reality of carrying the cost of an inherited house. This harsh reality often leads to the ultimate decision to sell the property. Whatever you decide to do, don’t delay caring for the property. An excellent place to begin managing your inheritance is locating the contact and payment details on existing expenses. 

We’ve gathered a list of typical monthly payments to help you with a starting point. Then, read about the costs of holding onto an inherited house in Philadelphia.


Property taxes will still be due on the property when you hold onto an inherited house in Philadelphia. These tax payments may or may not be a part of your monthly mortgage payment. Even if the mortgage is free and clear, annual property taxes will always be due. They will likely rise significantly because tax collectors will reassess the rate at the current market value.


Depending on the amount remaining on any mortgage, you may be responsible for mortgage and property insurance while holding onto an inherited house in Philadelphia. 

Assumption of Mortgage

Often, you can assume the mortgage if you hold onto an inherited house in Philly. The wording of the original contract may be the determining factor in your ability to take the mortgage. If they had a reverse mortgage, you would need to pay the loan off to keep the property.


While you are not necessarily obligated to pay the utility bills under the deceased’s name, if you reside in an inherited house in Philadelphia & surrounding suburbs, you will want to keep the payments timely. Otherwise, they would become lien on the property and be taken out of the profits when you sell the home.

Cost of Letting Property Sit

As a property remains vacant, it begins to deteriorate, especially during the winter, with the tempters reaching low digits. The longer a property sits, the more house repairs to the list of unnecessary costs. Most of the time, individuals receive an inherited home, the water supply is left active, and the pipes end up freezing, costing thousands of dollars to replace.


Should you consider maintaining ownership of the property, it would be advisable to have a professional inspection to understand your involvement fully. Depending on the length of time the house has been vacant, and the state of repair the property is in, holding onto an inherited home in Philly could become extremely expensive to maintain. Monthly expenses for repairs on older properties can easily equal or exceed mortgage payments.


It is often effortless to tell which homes are vacant because the yard has become tangled and unmanaged, adding to the distressed appearance. Unless you have spare time, you must ensure that the yard is appropriately maintained when holding onto an inherited home in Philadelphia.

Sell Inherited House in Philadelphia

You May Owe More Taxes than Anticipated

Most people don’t have to worry about estate tax because of the very high exemption (in the millions), and the estate tax was even temporarily suspended in 2010. But also mostly suspended in 2010 was the step-up provision. So in considering what can go wrong when you inherit a house in Pennsylvania and when you intend to sell my house fast, you need to consider the stepped-up capital gains situation.

The step-up provides that you pay capital gains taxes only on the gains above the fair market value at the date of the decedent’s death. It has nothing to with the price the decedent paid for the house – unless the step-up fell in one of the years when it was changed. In that case, you may owe more taxes than you bargained for.

The Mortgage May Be Bigger than You Thought

Generally, in the past, when an elderly parent or relative passed, the mortgage on their house was paid off. These days, it’s common for older adults to take out a reverse mortgage on their homes to supplement insufficient retirement funds. We have even noticed secondary mortgages being taken out before the loved one may pass away. Mortgage companies and lenders are everywhere, so it is much easier for people to take out the equity they built in their homes to have more cash. We also do not know what life may throw at us; that is another reason we may use equity in our homes.

You need to be aware that heirs cannot assume a reverse mortgage. And in the case of a standard mortgage, you can take the mortgage only if you live in the house yourself. So if you intend to rent the house, you may have to refinance it in your name.

The House May Need Repairs and Upgrades

This one may be the costliest concerning what can go wrong when you inherit a house in PA. Most of the time, people inherit a home from a deceased elderly parent or very close relative. Besides not having the physical ability to perform maintenance and upgrades, many older adults don’t have the money for it either. And if they do, they may choose not to because they know they won’t live in the house for many more years.

This may not be a huge concern if you plan to live in an inherited house. But if you intend to rent or sell it, you’ll have to make repairs to make it presentable and upgrades to bring it up to code and meet other legal and insurance requirements. Installing a new HVAC system or re-wiring the house will involve a lot of money. There are also extended overdue plumbing concerns you may come across—even just old cabinets, outdated flooring, and walls. When you inherit this home from a loved one, you may not have the time or money to dump into renovations or updates. It is already stressful if you own a home and have to focus on your property, but handling another may be more than it is worth.

You May Have Problems with Relatives and Joint Heirs

But what if you’re not the only heir? That can be a problem. Suppose you and your siblings inherited the house jointly. If you want to sell it, your brother may want to rent it, and your other brother to live in it himself. You can see what a powder keg waiting for a spark is.

In most states, joint heirs of a home are considered tenants in common, and one heir can force a sale if it comes to that. The process, however, is expensive, and the emotional and familial consequences are likely to be highly unpleasant.

Sell Inherited House in Philadelphia

Unless you have a plan for the property, it may be best to sell inherited house in Philadelphia. Buying Property 215 will pay you a great price and close when ready. If you don’t feel that you can handle the emotions of going through the possessions of your loved one to clean out the property, you can leave everything in place or take what you like, Buying Property 215 will handle the rest for you when we buy houses in Philadelphia. Call us at [215-359-6090] or send us a message today! {Our family-owned company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating!

sell inherited house in Philadelphia.
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