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Learn How to Sell Commercial Property Fast?

Suppose you are looking for ways how to sell commercial property fast; search no further. We don’t only buy residential homes; we buy commercial/retail. Do you want to know how to sell commercial real estate? At Buying Property 215, we have a large span of coverage for real estate. We have been doing this long enough to have the ability to purchase our next big project. We buy everything from warehouses, multi-family homes, or even larger retail buildings.

Sometimes, as real estate investors in Philadelphia, you may come across owning an ample commercial space. Now, what to do with that space is entirely up to you. It may be too big of a project, and you bit off more than you can chew. No problem at all! We know the right people to take that commercial real estate off your hands. Buying Property 215 is visionary for taking a rundown warehouse and turning it into a cash cow. 5 Star Reviews | A+ Rating Better Business Bureau.

Sell Vacant Commercial Property Fast

Do You Own A Commercial Building

If you are on this page, you must be looking to sell commercial property fast. Buying Property 215 purchases all types of real estate. There is never a project too large for us! Read more below on our types of commercial real estate.

Thoughts Of Selling Commercial or Multi-family?

The hardest thing we may face as a prominent real estate owner is figuring out how much it could be worth or what could be done with your property. Suppose you currently own a warehouse in Philadelphia or surrounding counties. It’s too much work for you, and you are unsure what to do with it. Why not sell it to an investor willing to take it off your hands for the highest offer?

You are leaving your pockets heavy and problems light. We have rehabbed several warehouses in Philadelphia so far. Making sure the structure is still good to go, we handle the heavy lifting and restore it to what the zoning allows. Multi-family properties are another one we have taken our fair share of over the years. If you own one that needs work or one rented out, we are willing to make you an offer even if it has more than ten units; the bigger, the better!

Issues Faced With Commercial Real Estate

Various issues can arise when a commercial building sits vacant for an extended period. Some of the standard challenges include:

  1. Deterioration and Maintenance Costs: Vacant buildings are liable for damage due to lack of maintenance. Issues like roof leaks, plumbing problems, and structural issues can escalate if not addressed promptly, leading to increased repair costs.
  2. Vandalism and Security Concerns: Vacant buildings are often targets for vandalism, trespassing, and theft. Broken windows, graffiti, and other forms of damage can occur, posing security risks and diminishing the property’s value.
  3. Property Value Decline: The longer a commercial building remains vacant, its value will likely decrease. Neglect and signs of disrepair can deter potential buyers or tenants, impacting the property’s market value.
  4. Zoning and Code Compliance Issues: Local zoning regulations and building codes may require that properties be actively maintained. Vacant buildings that fall into disrepair may face compliance issues, potentially leading to fines or legal action.
  5. Pest Infestations: Vacant buildings are vulnerable to pest infestations, including rodents, insects, and other pests. These infestations can cause damage to the structure and create health hazards.
  6. Insurance Challenges: Insurance companies may have specific requirements for commercial property maintenance. Coverage may be affected or canceled if a building is left vacant for an extended period without proper notification to the insurance provider.
  7. Neighborhood Impact: Vacant commercial properties can negatively impact the surrounding neighborhood. They may contribute to a sense of blight, reduce property values in the area, and create safety concerns for residents.
  8. Financial Burden: Property owners may still be responsible for various costs, such as property taxes, utility bills, and mortgage payments, even if the building is vacant. This can become a significant financial burden over time.
  9. Legal Liabilities: Vacant buildings can pose legal harm to property owners. The owner may be held liable if someone is injured on the property. Proper security measures and regular maintenance are essential to mitigate these risks.
  10. Negative Perception: A vacant building can indicate money decline or instability in the area. This negative perception may make attracting new businesses or tenants to the neighborhood challenging.

To address these issues, property owners should consider adding security measures, regular maintenance checks, and exploring options such as leasing, selling, or repurposing the property to prevent or minimize the harmful effects of long-term vacancy.

Buying Property 215 Purchases Commercial Real Estate!

Yes, we buy commercial real estate! Buying Property 215 has purchased over a dozen commercial real estate properties. From large to small, no matter the size we buy any house in any condition. Not just in Philadelphia – we also purchase commercial properties in Delaware County, Montgomery County, Chester County, & Bucks County. If you’re a commercial real estate owner with a building you no longer have use for, then reach out to Buying Property 215 to receive an offer on that property. Even if the commercial property is in use and you decide to sell, we will help. Don’t worry about conditions; contact us & get an offer today to sell real estate!

Multi-Family Real Estate Sale

Do you own a multi-family home that you’re looking to sell? Buying Property 215 will purchase any multi-family property. If it has two units or twenty, it does not matter. Multi-family properties are an excellent source of income if you can keep up with the repairs, mortgage, insurance, and taxes. As a multi-unit property owner, you understand. We purchase multi-family homes as-is; there is no need to move any tenants out or make house repairs. We work well with tenants no matter their situation. We understand people and real estate, making us the perfect candidate for buying your multi-family residence if you want a rapid real estate sale!

Sell Commercial Real Estate.

Sell Commercial Real Estate!

We take on all projects, no matter the situation. We will be willing to pay cash for any large or small commercial space you own. Yes, this means retail and Multi-family as well. Contact Buying Property 215 for your commercial buying experts!

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