Are You Looking To Sell Commercial Property?

If you are looking to sell commercial property search no further. We don’t only buy residential homes, we buy commercial as well. Do you want to know how to sell commercial real estate? At Buying Property 215 we have a large span of coverage when it comes to real estate. We have been doing this long enough to have the ability to purchase our next big Project. We purchase it all from warehouses, Multi-family, or even larger retail buildings. Sometimes as an investor, you may come across owning a large commercial space. Now what to do with that space is entirely up to you. It may be too big of a project and you bit off more than you can chew. No problem at all! We know the right people to take that commercial real estate off your hands. Buying Property 215 is visionaries when it comes to taking a rundown warehouse and turning it into a cash cow.

Do You Own A Commercial Building

If you are on this page you must be looking to sell commercial property. Buying Property 215 purchases all types of real estate. There is never a project too large for us! Read more below on our types of commercial real estate

Thoughts Of Selling Commercial or Multi-family?

The hardest thing we may face as an owner of a large piece of real estate is, figuring out how much it could be worth or what might be able to be done with my property. If you are currently own a warehouse in Philadelphia or surrounding counties. It’s too much work for you and you are not entirely sure what to do with it. Why not sell it to an investor who is willing to take it off your hands for a fair cash offer. Leaving your pockets heavy, and problems light. We have rehabbed several warehouses in Philadelphia so far. Making sure the structure is still good to go we handle the heavy lifting and restore it to what the zoning allows us to. Multi-Family properties are another one we have handled our fair share over the years. If you own one that needs work or one that is being rented out we are willing to make you an offer. Even it has more than 10 units, the bigger the better!

How To Sell Commercial Real estate!

We take on all projects no matter the situation. We will be willing to pay cash for any type of Large or small commercial space you own. Yes, this means retail and Multi-family as well. Contact Buying Property 215 for your commercial buying experts! (Ryan 610-533-6122 or Ian 215-359-6090)