Unexpected Benefits of Working with A Real Estate Wholesaler in Philadelphia

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Philadelphia Wholesale Real Estate

Real Estate Wholesaling is a profession that most individuals misunderstand, usually for a decent reason, sometimes misled on the actual benefits. There are lots of people trying to cash in on the real estate wholesaling business. Still, they are often fresh out of a real estate seminar or have purchased a DVD, with no experience and hardly any knowledge.

Many people claiming to be Real Estate Wholesaler in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, do not have any experience and can make unnecessary mistakes that can cost the homeowner and investor both time and money.

Don’t jeopardize your portfolio and investments or get tied up with the wrong individual; do some basic research before selecting a wholesaler; you will be surprised by the benefits of working with a professional real estate wholesaler if the correct individual is selected! Determining a qualified wholesaler is simple; recent projects are the strongest indicator. If a wholesaler completes multiple deals monthly, that individual may achieve the best results.

Not all wholesalers are equal; if you’re a homeowner that utilizes the wrong wholesaler, it may cost you valuable time and, most importantly, money. A solid web presence (Google & Bing) accredited by the Better Business Bureau is another sign of qualifying a wholesaler. BBB is focused on advancing marketplace trust and can validate businesses! Conduct thorough research on each company before signing any agreements! 

Property Costs

An unexpected benefit of using a real estate wholesaler in Philadelphia is that the wholesaler will have analyzed the property in advance! This is a fantastic benefit to you because they have already crunched the numbers on the real estate comps. They will know the market rental rates, sales comps, closing costs for purchase and resale, rehab costs, taxes, utility costs, homeowners’ association fees, regulations, and insurance costs. This is an essential part of real estate investing; if you miss an annual fee or miscalculate the numbers, a property may not fit into your portfolio and start eating up extra funds!

Most homeowners don’t ultimately realize the costs of utilizing a licensed agent. When listing a home on the market, the property seller is responsible for paying the agent’s commission; this fee accounts for six percent of the sales price. The commission doesn’t include the expense of closing costs and capital gains tax. Most of the time, the fees are equivalent to ten percent of the sales price. When sellers use a wholesaler, they are not responsible for commissions or closing costs in Philadelphia; the wholesaler receives payment from the buyer for acquiring property. 

  • Wholesalers are familiar with the numbers and after-rehab value, which allows for a straightforward process with no false numbers and broken promises.
  • Utilizing a wholesaler to buy my house in Philadelphia eliminates agent commissions.

Real Estate Referrals

Do you know of an investment-friendly bank? Another unexpected benefit of working with a real estate wholesaler in Philadelphia is that they will have many referrals for any aspect of your investment. They have built relationships with investment-friendly banks or private lending groups, title companies, insurance companies, property management companies, and other professionals for real estate services. They may even have affiliate companies that can provide these services at a discounted rate. This all saves you time and money!

Established wholesalers offer referral programs, benefiting individuals by connecting them with possible sellers. For example, Buying Property 215 provides a referral of two and four thousand dollars for any individual who connects “Buying Property 215” with a neighbor, friend, or family member interested in selling off-the-market property. Offering a referral of up to four thousand dollars provides an excellent opportunity to spread wealth within the community while making the real estate process more straightforward for our company and the potential seller! 

  • Successful wholesalers have connections with lenders, title companies, and other professionals to ensure simple transactions.

First Choose

An unexpected benefit of working with real estate investors in Philadelphia is their history of moving a large volume of property and knowing when properties are available for purchase, usually before they hit the open market. They can bid and purchase the property at a price an average investor might not be able to. This allows the wholesaler to assign the property to you at a lower price than a less experienced wholesaler might be able to. Hello, savings! 

Buying Property 215 has an extensive list of qualified local buyers; our company has experience selling property throughout Pennsylvania. Our Pennsylvania real estate market knowledge has allowed us to conduct our real estate comps properly. We know the numbers and actual value, providing a simple ways to sell my house fast in Philadelphia.

When Buying Property 215 provides a cash offer, we show the seller similar sold comps within a quarter-mile radius in the last 180 days; this shows the seller the actual value and allows for a smooth transaction. Buying Property 215 believes in transparency with individuals we conduct business with; there are never surprises. We take pride in our reputation and buyers list. 

Saves You Money & Time

Another benefit of working with a real estate wholesaler in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is the money and time you save! This is a precious aspect of real estate investing that is consistently overlooked. There are a few questions that you must ask yourself to understand the disregarded aspects: how long have you been trying to locate available properties and researching all of the property’s characteristics? Are you contacting the township for more information about the house? Conducting research at night on your home computer about these properties when you can enjoy life and do more productive things!

  • Wholesalers can save sellers time locating a qualified buyer to purchase their house quickly in its current condition and situation. In addition, wholesalers can save buyers time and effort by bringing investment properties directly to them.

Buying Property 215 can close on a property within twenty-one days. Once a brief sale agreement is signed, our company will forward the contract to a local title company to begin the search. The title search is clearing state-required documents to transfer the property deed. The title company can complete the search within fourteen days and set a closing date soon. 

Philadelphia Real Estate Wholesaler

How much money do you want to make? An unexpected benefit of working with a real estate wholesaler in Pennsylvania is that they make money when you make money. They work in volume to provide you with the real estate inventory that best fits your investment portfolios and will give you the best bottom line in the market. Professional Real Estate Wholesalers will assign properties for much less than the weekender wholesaler, who may only be working on one or two monthly properties. 

You will be surprised how smooth and straightforward the experienced Real Estate Wholesaler in Philly will make your future real estate investment transactions. We would love to help you explore your options.

There are many benefits to choosing a company, like Buying Property 215. Our family-owned company purchases property in any condition, facing any circumstance. Buying Property 215 can close on a time frame best suited for the seller; we can close within fourteen days or delay the closing date for months. When we purchase a house, there is no requirement for house repairs or renovations.

Unlike traditional real estate sales, our company conducts no inspections, walkthroughs, or financing contingencies when you sell your property fast. Buying Property 215 provides the highest cash offer for your home while covering all closing costs and fees. The Better Business Bureau accredits “Buying Property 215” with an A+ rating and 5-star reviews! If you are interested in reviewing your home selling options and receiving a no-obligation cash offer, contact us today & see how we can assist you! {Working With a Real Estate Wholesaler in Philadelphia | Philadelphia Wholesale Real Estate}

Call “Buying Property 215” now at [215-359-6090] or message to discuss the unexpected benefits of working with a Real Estate Wholesaler in Philadelphia! 

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