The Real Estate Market in Northwest Philadelphia (Roxborough/Manayunk)

(We’re Buying Property 215, two brothers passionate about real estate that were born and raised in Roxborough/Manayunk. In this blog post, we explain the transformation of the real estate market in Northwest Philadelphia over the years. We also describe the unique style and beauty of Northwest Philadelphia, in particular Roxborough, Germantown, Manayunk, & Chestnut Hill.)

Born & Raised in Roxborough

Growing up in Roxborough, I’ve seen firsthand the transformation of the real estate market in the section of Northwest Philadelphia. Roxborough was discovered in 1682 originally where the wealthy individuals in the area resided while Manayunk housed the factory workers and their families. The architecture in Roxborough, Germantown, Manayunk, and Chestnut Hill is extremely unique and gorgeous, some of the houses resembled miniature castles. Over the course of my life, I see the transformation in prices, our mother brought her first house for sixteen thousand dollars on the border of Roxborough/Manayunk. Our parents brought their first joint property together around 2001 from sheriff’s sale for sixty thousand dollars with some work that was required, that property is currently worth 350,000 after rehab value. During the course of my childhood, I always remember my neighborhood being hard-working middle class with deep roots in the area.

The Current Neighborhood

The faces in the neighborhood have changed over the years, the older people passed & most of the following generation moved out of the city. The majority of individuals who currently reside in the area are young professionals and young couples just beginning their families who want to live in the city but prefer a suburban feel. The prices in Roxborough & Manayunk would completely surprise my grandmother’s generation and their ancestors. A property six years ago is currently worth three times the value, some of the new construction homes are going between six hundred thousand to one million throughout the entire neighborhood. In my opinion, the numbers can’t go much higher, Roxborough is already considered a top 10 part of Philadelphia to reside. The numbers are right around their peak. If there’s any time to sell property it’ll be prior to the price decline.

If You Decide to Buy or Sell Property

If you decide the best time to sell will be now, consider selling your property to “Buying Property 215.” We’re two brothers born and raised in the neighborhood. We purchase property regardless of the situation & within any condition. There are different routes for selling property, the most common method is a traditional on-market sale. Selling property on market gives you the opportunity to get just about the most possible on your property but this option can be a multiple-month process that may require updates/repairs in order to meet the state-issued standards. After the property is listed and the inspections are completed you’ll have to patiently wait for a qualified buyer to submit an offer. It’s a similar scenario when you approach the “for sale by owner” route, you’ll have to locate the correct qualified buyer. When a homeowner agrees upon our offer, we submit proof of funds to prove we’re qualified & serious about purchasing your property. When you sell to us, you avoid any fees & the 6% commission if listed with a realtor on market. Our process is simple and typically takes up to 3 weeks to complete the transaction, although we work on a time frame best suited for the homeowner. We don’t require any inspections, we purchase property as-is. Once we agree upon the price we send our contract/agreement to a reputable title company to begin the title search. Once we receive a clear title, the title company will set a closing date. At closing we will sign the completed paperwork & the homeowner will receive the funds through a wire transfer or the title company would issue a paper check. Once we acquire the property we will bring in local contractors to make any repairs or updates to the property, after the work is completed we typically hold the properties as rentals! Our main focus is acquiring single-family and multi-family properties, although we do accept multi-use properties (residential and commercial) as well as empty lots and pieces of land. Our referral program is an excellent opportunity to earn some easy money! If you don’t personally have a property you’re looking to sell but have a friend, neighbor, or family member interested in selling off-market property we will pay you between two and four thousand for the referral. We take pride in our reputation & we treat the individuals we work with like family! We can guarantee the highest cash offer on your Northwest Philadelphia property, contact us at 610-533-6122 or 215-359-6090!

Buying Property 215
Buying Property 215, a family-owned real estate company located in Philadelphia! The Real Estate Market in Northwest Philadelphia (Roxborough & Manayunk)
Buying Property 215

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