Using Social Media for Business

This blog post discusses the benefits of using social media for business growth & our personal experience with these social media platforms! We’re Buying Property 215, a family-owned and operated real estate company specializing in selling and purchasing property.

Utilizing social media to Grow Business

Over the years, the methods of growing your business have quickly changed. Old-school methods such as promoting your business through the Yellow Pages & placing signs on telephone polls have since expired in inefficiency. Technology continues progressing, and the focus on business growth has shifted to the Internet & social media platforms!

A recent article published by states, “In 2020, over 3.6 billion people were using social media worldwide, projected to increase to almost 4.41 billion in 2025.” (Statista 1). Social media platforms are incredibly beneficial because individuals use social media for pleasure and business, allowing consistent company recognition. Another benefit is that most popular applications are free for users & there are numerous ways to promote your business for free!

  • The internet is the new and best way to promote your business – no more yellow pages or posting a flyer on a telephone poll or community board.
  • In a recently stated publication, “In 2020, over 3.6 billion individuals were using social media worldwide, projected to increase to almost 4.41 billion in 2025.”

Facebook for Business

Facebook will be the first social media platform we discuss. The stats behind Facebook speak entirely for themselves. “Market leader Facebook was the first social network to surpass one billion registered accounts and currently boasts approximately 2.5 billion monthly active users, making it the most popular social network worldwide.” (Statista 2).

Facebook allows for a more professional experience, unlike the former app Myspace. Facebook is a great way to promote your business with reasonable Ad promotion prices, such as an estimated 71-206 accounts reached per dollar. Another benefit of Facebook is the groups, which allow you to network with other entrepreneurs simply by posting within a respected Facebook group. My personal experience with Facebook has been decent. We’ve had one possible deal come from Facebook & established a few more qualified buyers.

  • Facebook is an excellent business platform, with roughly 2.5 billion monthly active users.
  • Reasonable advertisement prices, 71-206 active accounts reached per dollar spent.

Benefits of Instagram

The next platform we will discuss will be Instagram. Instagram is the application I’m most familiar with. Since February 1st, 2020, I’ve grown an Instagram following of 13.4 thousand, averaging over 500 likes per post. Instagram ads allow for more exposure per dollar compared to Facebook. Instagram estimates between 240-620 accounts reached per dollar.

The key to growing Instagram is to know and understand your targeted audience. When I first started on Instagram, I only focused on acquiring more local property. My target was Philadelphia area residences instead of real estate accounts; this method helped gain more leads but didn’t give constant and consistent growth. Finally, I realized I had to focus on real estate agencies & companies to grow my account. Another helpful technique is positivity; spread love and support on Instagram to receive love & support back!

  • Instagram has good exposure for each dollar spent on advertising, between 240 and 620 accounts per dollar.
  • Understanding your targeted audience is the best way to grow your Instagram account.

Growth Through YouTube

YouTube is highly beneficial when it comes to internet presence & website growth. Google owns YouTube, so when it comes to growing your website, you add the website information to each YouTube video, which is especially important for building your website SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Additionally, YouTube does a great job when it comes to exploring other YouTube subscribers, so another productive method of networking. We’re somewhat new to posting on YouTube, but our views continue to rise with the support of our friends and family.

  • YouTube can help you increase website traffic, which leads to website growth. Google owns YouTube and impacts your SEO strategy.

Utilizing Twitter for Business Purposes

Twitter is another excellent social media platform for networking & website growth. Twitter directly links to Google; we’ve built a couple of backlinks by interacting with other accounts. Twitter is more professional than Instagram, with more ability to reach a wider audience. We’ve been on Twitter for roughly a month and have already built connections with other real estate investors and bloggers. We haven’t participated in a paid promotion through Twitter yet, so our experience will come in a future blog.

  • Twitter directly links to Google; it can assist individuals with building backlinks by interacting with other Twitter accounts.

Stay Consist & Understand Your Audience

As you can see, the different platforms specialize in various aspects of growing your business. The main tips to follow would be to remain consistent with posting content, interact with other social media users, know your audience & appeal to your audience, always stay positive & professional, and continue to work hard while networking with other entrepreneurs. Thank you for taking the time to read about our experience with social media platforms & using social media for business!

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Our Company:

We’re Buying Property 215, a family-owned and operated real estate company in Philadelphia. We’re two brothers who take pride in our work for the community; we’ve helped numerous individuals relieve their families from undesirable circumstances over the years!

Situations include relocating families from dangerous areas to more desirable neighborhoods, assisting families in moving from homes beyond their ability to repair, purchasing homes with fire damage, & helping families move on from dwellings associated with traumatic memories. We buy property in any condition, no matter the length of house repairs. We buy property regardless of the situation! We believe in making the process as simple as possible, so we close on a time frame for you.

Our Process:

There are many ways to sell a house; some strategies are quick, like selling a home to an investor, while some routes are more time-consuming, such as the traditional method of selling property on the market. We take pride in making our buying and selling property fast and straightforward.

Our process of purchasing a house typically takes up to three weeks. Once we can agree upon a sales price with the homeowner, we will complete a brief two-page agreement of sale to begin the title search. We will forward the contract of sale to a local title company to clear any required documents to transfer the property’s title.

After completing the title search, the title company will set a closing date that works best for the seller. The seller & Buying Property 215 will finish signing paperwork at the closing. The title company will release the funds by paper check or wire transfer directly to the seller’s bank account. Most sellers prefer this option considering the property is purchased in any condition within a month! We guarantee the highest cash offer on your home! The Better Business Bureau accredits our family-owned company with an A+ rating and 5-star reviews!

using social media for business
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We're Buying Property 215, a family-owned real estate company specializing in purchasing property fast. We buy houses in Philadelphia and surrounding areas. Contact us to sell my house fast!

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