Real Estate Marketing, Real Estate Advertisement, and Networking Through Social Media!

(In this blog post we our forms for real estate marketing & real estate advertisement. Along with the best methods for networking through social media!)

Just like anything else in life, the skills of real estate marketing takes time and experience. When you first begin any form of marketing there would be growing pains and a learning curve trying to figure out what’s best. Overall the best methods of real estate advertisement would be a good return on investment while producing the best results. A lot of us who conduct real estate marketing have no formal education on marketing, some of us may have some guidance but for the most part it’s based on trial and error. We also must understand the importance of networking through social media and how valuable it can be when it comes to business growth!

In our opinion the best option for real estate marketing would be Google ads. If done properly the return on investment can offer great results. Google ads offers the option of “paid per click” meaning you pay a flat fee each time someone clicks on your ad which allows the ad to be reached by your targeted audience. We also utilize Facebook when it comes to our real estate advertisement. In our opinion Facebook allows for better results than Instagram because our targeted audience is adults that own property. It seems like more home owners are on Facebook while Instagram seems to have more young adults active on their application. The format for Facebook advertisement is plain and simple, you set a certain mile radius from a particular address & you’ll select certain interests to target with the ad. Within the last year and a half running our active website we’ve attempted different ways for our real estate marketing and real estate advertisements. We’ve participated in running our ads on Google, Facebook, and Instagram. We’ve had more experience using Instagram ads which has brought in a few properties. We’ve had one property we purchased due to our Facebook campaign. Another successful method to reach out to our targeted audience would be text messaging. If you’re able to send massive text blasts it allows you to reach a large amount of homeowners in a minute. The price per text messaging is very reasonable and has allowed us success.

When it comes to networking through social media it seems to be the best method to network with other real estate investors or entrepreneurs around the world. We live in a period of time where most individuals use the internet and other applications. The social media platforms are great ways to build your connections and promote your business. Out of the many applications, we recommend Twitter for networking. We’ve had the opportunity to connect with other investors around the world. Twitter is an application that allows for natural backlinks for your website, we have grown almost one hundred backlinks through twitter within the last few months. Facebook is another platform that’s directly linked to your google algorithm for your website. For example, if you google Buying Property 215 our Facebook page is one of the first search results that appears. Instagram is a good way to connect with other investors but doesn’t allow for natural backlinks nor does it help your websites google algorithm. We hear a lot of good things from those who’ve had success with YouTube, personally we’re still new to utilizing YouTube for our business.

Regardless of what platforms are utilized for your real estate business, it’s extremely important to take advantage of these social media platforms to grow your business, produce leads, and network with others. Our modern day society runs off the internet and technology. The new concept is adjust or get left behind. Use a wide variety of platforms and figure out the best niche and stick to it. Continue to network with others, have patience and watch your business grow!

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