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(This blog post explains the different routes explored for real estate marketing & real estate advertisement. Along with the best methods for networking through social media! We’re Buying Property 215, a family-owned real estate company specializing in purchasing property in Philadelphia and surrounding counties! It’s critical to properly utilize your resources for real estate marketing jobs and real estate advertisements! We’ve realized networking through social media is highly beneficial to building profitable business relationships and ideas and generating leads.)

Explore Each Real Estate Marketing Option

Real estate marketing skills take time and experience, like anything else. When you first begin marketing, there would be growing pains and a learning curve trying to figure out what’s best. However, overall, the best methods of real estate advertisement would be a good return on investment while producing the best results.

Many of us who conduct real estate marketing have no formal education in marketing. Some of us may have some guidance, but for the most part, it’s trial and error. We also must understand the importance of networking through social media and how valuable it can be to business growth!

Our Experience With Marketing & Networking

In our opinion, the best option for real estate marketing would be Google ads. If done correctly, the return on investment can offer excellent results. Google ads provide the opportunity of “paid per click,” meaning you pay a flat fee each time someone clicks on your ad, which allows the ad to reach your targeted audience.

We also utilize Facebook when it comes to our real estate advertisements. In our opinion, Facebook allows for better results than Instagram because our targeted audience is adults who own property. More homeowners are on Facebook, while Instagram appears to have more young adults active on their applications. The format for Facebook advertisement is plain and simple: you set a certain mile radius from a particular address & you’ll select specific interests to target with the ad.

Within the last year and a half of running our active website, we’ve attempted different ways for our real estate marketing and real estate advertisements. We’ve participated in running our ads on Google, Facebook, and Instagram. We’ve had more experience using Instagram ads, bringing in a few rental properties. We’ve had one property we purchased due to our Facebook campaign. Another successful method to reach our targeted audience would be text messaging. You can get many homeowners in a minute by sending massive text blasts. The price per text messaging is very reasonable and has allowed us success.

Real Estate Marketing Jobs Using Social Media

Social media networking is the best way to network with other real estate investors or entrepreneurs worldwide. We live in a period when most individuals use the internet and other applications. Social media platforms are great ways to build connections and promote your business. Out of the many applications, we recommend Twitter for real estate networking. We’ve had the opportunity to connect with other investors around the globe. Twitter is an application that allows for natural backlinks for your website. Within the last few months, we have grown almost one thousand backlinks through Twitter.

Facebook is another platform directly linked to your Google algorithm for your website. For example, if you google Buying Property 215, our Facebook page is one of the first search results. Instagram is an excellent way to connect with other investors but doesn’t allow for natural backlinks or help your website’s Google algorithm. Although we hear many good things from those who’ve succeeded with YouTube, we’re still new to utilizing YouTube for our business.

Regardless of what platforms you decide to use to advertise your real estate services, taking advantage of these social media platforms is imperative to grow your business, produce leads, and network with others. Our modern-day society runs off the internet and technology. The new concept is to adjust or get left behind. Use various platforms, figure out the best niche, and stick to it. Then, continue to network with others, have patience, and watch your business grow!

Real Estate Marketing Jobs

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More About Buying Property 215

We’re two brothers with years of experience purchasing distressed properties around the city of Philadelphia & the surrounding counties. We buy houses in Philadelphia in any condition, requiring homeowners to complete no house repairs or updates. We purchase properties without renovations, structural issues, minor repairs, fire damage, etc.

There’s no inspection period by a lender because we provide our funds. We will buy your property regardless of the circumstances; we deal with pre-foreclosure, tax liens, inherited property, and rental properties. We offer the option to close on a date that works best for you, between two weeks and six months. We’re very flexible on the closing date to ensure our process is as simple as possible! Selling property off-market provides a quick house sale for a property in any condition and allows for no agent commission fees, equaling up to 6% of the total sale price. Also, when you sell your property to Buying Property 215, you pay no closing costs because we cover it!

Our process is straightforward. Once we agree on a sales price, we sign a two-page sale agreement to open the property title. We will send the contract of sale to a local title company to ensure a clear title. Once the title company completes all required documents, they will set a closing date and time that works best for the property owner. We will finish signing the paperwork then the title company will release the funds through a wire transfer to the seller’s bank or a paper check. If you’re interested in receiving a no-obligation all-cash offer, contact us! The Better Business Bureau accredits our company with an A+ rating and 5-star Google reviews!

Our Referral Program

No need for real estate marketing jobs; if you have a neighbor, friend, or family member interested in selling off-market property, we will pay you between two & four thousand dollars for the referral at closing! We purchase single-family houses, multi-use buildings, commercial properties, and empty/vacant lots!

Real Estate Markets We Cover

We purchase property in any condition throughout multiple states. We specialize in buying property in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, and Maryland. After purchasing a property, we will hire reputable local contractors to complete any repairs or updates. Once the renovations are concluded, we typically rent the property to a qualified family. After that, we may list the property on the market with our licensed realtor.

We have years of experience in the Pennsylvania real estate market, some Pennsylvania counties: Delaware County, Bucks County, Montgomery County, Philadelphia County (North Philadelphia, South Philadelphia, West Philly, North-East Philly, & South-West Philly), Allegheny County, and Chester County, PA.

Within the last couple of years, we’ve transitioned our business to cover more than our home state, and we began purchasing property throughout New Jersey. Our first New Jersey rental property was in Camden County, where we saw great potential in that section of New Jersey. Also, we purchase property in Trenton, Atlantic County, Bergen County, Essex County, Ocean County, Hudson County, Middlesex County, and many more beautiful New Jersey counties!

In addition, we purchase properties in Baltimore and the three central counties of Delaware! If you want a no-obligation offer on your property, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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We're Buying Property 215, a family-owned real estate company specializing in purchasing property fast. We buy houses in Philadelphia and surrounding areas. Contact us to sell my house fast!

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