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The real estate industry is a fast-growing market that continuously changes. You will see many modifications for selling and purchasing property in a year, and different aspects influence these adjustments. As a result, you’ll witness increases and decreases in property value, interest rates, and even mortgage rates within a short time.

Any individual involved in real estate needs to be aware of the alterations and adapt to the changes; paying attention to the rise in property value and mortgage rates is crucial for making the proper decision regarding the perfect time, whether purchasing or selling property.

The current real estate market is directly affected by Covid; individuals purchasing property were faced with historically low mortgage rates while those with the desire to sell my house fast benefited from the hot real estate market, usually completing the sale of property within a short period, sometimes within hours of listing the property.

It’s never clear what the future has in store, but there’s a chance these recent trends will continue: low inventory, elevated prices, and quick turnaround. Mortgage rates are projected to rise slightly while the value of properties should continue to increase, approaching a peak, essentially leading to a seller’s market. If you’re considering selling or purchasing property, gain knowledge of the current real estate trends and explore all options to ensure it’s a proper time to choose.

Property Selling Trends

It seems like the perfect time to sell property across America; the low mortgage rates and buyers’ high demand directly reflect the current growth in selling a property. Soon, most real estate agencies predict inventory to remain scarce, but the price appreciation will be less than in 2021. As spring approaches, there’s always an increase in listings, but the amount of supply will fall short of meeting the demand continuing a prominent seller’s market. The strength of last year’s seller market forced most homeowners to receive above the asking price, which provides an excellent reason to take advantage of the market.

In addition, a seller’s low inventory market means less competition; if your home is in a great location, expect to receive offer letters from licensed agents to list your property or offers from cash buyers to purchase the property! Even if your property or property location isn’t as appealing to buyers as certain homes in a stock market, homeowners stand a better chance in the current 2022 real estate market because first-time homeowners and real estate investors are purchasing property to fix and hold.

Therefore, receiving multiple offers is paramount to notice how to maximize profit on a home sale while determining which potential buyer may best fit your home selling needs. Hire a helper with a complete home selling and buying checklist, which offers specific ways to help sell your property faster. Such as decluttering and deep cleaning your home. Little things to help get your property sold faster.

  • Two substantial indicators for the appropriate time to sell a house will be when mortgage rates are low and the buyer’s demand is high; these two signs will ensure a quick sale process for the highest profit allowed.
  • The best time to sell a house will be in the spring; most potential homeowners will search for a house once the weather and market improve. The beautiful spring weather allows individuals to move more accessible, resulting in a booming real estate market.
  • High buyer demands sometimes lead to a seller receiving an above-asking price for their home.
  • There are multiple feasible routes to sell a house. The two most common ways will be a cash home sale & the traditional method of listing a house with a licensed real estate agent.

Cash Sales: Popular Method to Sell Property

There are always new trends in selling property; a more recent fast-growing method is an all-cash real estate sale. Two big reasons for the popularity of cash sales are simple it allows the seller complete control of their property sale while avoiding the six percent agent commissions.

When you sell directly to a home investor, you avoid the requirements of repairs and renovations; there’s no preparation and showings. In addition, cash sales allow for a quick closing, typically within seven to twenty-one days, with no contingency period.

Selling your home directly to an investor offers numerous benefits, including a short house sale. However, it’s not the most appropriate route for every seller; it fits most homeowners’ property-selling needs.

The real estate industry has made significant progress over the last couple of decades, offering multiple home-selling options outside the traditional method of utilizing an agent. Along with cash sales, for sale by owner has gained the attention of most within the real estate industry. FSBO sales are similar to selling straight to an investor; instead of approaching potential buyers, the seller will place a for-sale sign on the property and possibly upload the property’s details on online applications such as Zillow and Craigslist to attract recognition! Each home-selling route offers pros and cons, and research is essential to see which method provides the best option.

  • Selling a cash house is a popular way to sell a property. Selling a house to a cash buyer allows the seller to avoid fees and commissions up to roughly nine percent. In addition, a home-buying company like Buying Property 215 allows sellers to avoid completing repairs or conducting inspections and showings. Cash home buyers can close within twenty-one days.
  • Another popular method is FSBO (for sale by owner); it’s very similar to a cash sale directly to an investor; the only difference will be the seller being proactive by reaching out to a buyer instead of waiting patiently for a qualified buyer to come along.
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Current Buying Property Trends

If it is your first time buying a home, you can find some helpful knowledge for first-time homebuyers in this guide. The most appropriate time to purchase a home is when there are low mortgage rates, property prices, and interest rates.

Over the last two years, mortgage rates dropped roughly one to two percent while interest rates remained the same. Approximately two years ago, the value of homes was humble and reasonable; the lack of inventory and the amount of demand have contributed to the prices of property skyrocketing. The costs for new construction homes will continue to rise, and builders struggle to get materials as global supply chains slow. Eventually, the prices of homes will peak in value once our economy bounces back and supplies revert to reasonable numbers.

Another effect the pandemic had on real estate trends is the flexible work arrangements changing what individuals value in homes; most professionals are now searching for an extra room to make a work office since most employees work remotely. The pandemic allowing individuals to work from home also shifted the need to live in the city; considering most individuals are completing their work assignments from home, it will enable these workers to live in the suburbs rather than a short commute from areas directly outside the central city. This broadens the criteria when purchasing property!

  • The best time to buy a house is when the market is experiencing low mortgage rates, decreased property prices, and lower interest rates.
  • Lack of inventory and decreased amount of demand are causes of property prices skyrocketing.
  • More professionals have been working remotely recently, so homeowners are searching for an extra room to convert into a home office.

Rent to Own

The traditional purchasing method requires a mortgage to finance the property; a good credit score and a down payment are essential to receiving the mortgage. There is an alternative route that’s gaining popularity called rent to own. Rent to own agreement is when an individual rents the property for a certain amount of time with the option to purchase the property before the lease expires. These rent-to-own agreements consist of a regular lease agreement with the opportunity to buy the home. As a buyer, the individual will pay the seller a one-time non-refundable fee called the option fee/option consideration. The option fee is typically a negotiable percentage between one and five percent of the total purchase price.

The rent-to-own agreement must specify the home’s purchase price and the closing date when the title company will transfer the deed. Most of the time, buyers prefer to lock in the purchase price, especially within real estate markets where home prices are trending upright. When the time comes for an agreement to be completed, it’s suggested to utilize a title company or notary to confirm the documents. The title company or notary must do the legal documents correctly to avoid issues or a squatter situation. Research the property to understand the actual value of the home!

  • Purchasing property typically requires a mortgage; an individual must have a good credit score and a down payment to obtain a mortgage. The alternative route to purchase a property will be the rent-to-own agreement; this simple agreement consists of a lease that allows the renter to buy the home.

Home Value and Property Pricing Trends

We’re currently witnessing a consistent price increase in property value throughout the entire country of America. The typical home value in the United States is $320,662 evaluated by Zillow; it’s projected that home values have gone up 19.6% over the past year. Zillow predicts the prices/value of the property will continue to rise by 16.4% over the next year.

These numbers are just projections from Zillow; although real estate is usually a safe investment recession, rare events such as Covid are testing the theory. Certain factors directly influence the value of homes, current components such as lack of skilled tradespeople, and the surge in material prices. Eventually, home values will peak, but overall property value will increase, providing a sound investment for landlords and real estate investors. 

Hot Real Estate Markets in America

There are many factors to consider when determining a hot real estate market; some are obvious such as nice weather, while other critical factors, like low to no income taxes. Southern states such as Florida have seen drastic growth; the weather is beautiful, living expenses are affordable and low taxes. Most of these critical factors are the same for states out west, such as California. Hot real estate markets attract buyers but also bring in investors, providing continued stable growth over an extended period.

If you’re looking to calculate the potential of an area, it’s crucial to view the job opportunities; if a particular site provides job offerings and the possibility for more jobs to come, it fuels the demand for housing, influencing the increase in home value. A transparent element of neighborhood desirability is the number of exciting amenities such as great restaurants, nightlife, and entertainment. The different positive aspects of these hot markets bring the attention of first-time home buyers and real estate investors looking to enter the rental market.

  • Things contributing to a booming real estate market include weather, low income/sales tax, & reasonable living expenses.
  • Other location factors include employment opportunities, restaurants, entertainment, schools, public transportation, and hospitals.


We have seen many trends within the real estate industry, which can indicate the market’s direction. These signals on market growth and values can assist investors and homeowners in making the correct decision in selling property or purchasing homes.

Whether we purchase houses for investment purposes or property to reside in, location is crucial in deciding whether to buy the property. In a desirable area that’s accessible and safe, there will be clear indicators of market potential. Mortgage and interest rates continue to fluctuate, and it’s essential to keep a close eye on these rates and prepare to get pre-approved once they reach a low. Also, understand when we’re experiencing a seller’s market compared to a buyer’s market to benefit from purchasing or selling property entirely.

There are various options to buy or sell property; utilizing an agent for your real estate needs is not required. Within the last decade, the real estate industry has experienced drastic changes, allowing individuals to approach the real estate industry without a licensed realtor. A property seller can advertise and complete the transaction without a realtor, which frees up the agent commissions, equivalent to roughly six percent of the total sales price; homeowners can reach out directly to real estate investors to gather interest from potential buyers.

The changes in the real estate industry involving the completion of a sale also affect buyers; it allows these investors and potential homeowners to conduct business more independently. Suppose it’s decided to approach this process alone and fully understand the market and property value. Having knowledge or guidance in real estate is critical to minimizing the risk.

Explore all options when it comes time to sell a home to maximize profit! Pay attention to recent real estate trends to stay on the market. Whether selling or buying, you can use the current real estate market trends by partnering with a professional company. Buying Property 215 is a family-owned real estate company that will treat you like family! (Thank you for reading our blog posts on real estate trends involving selling and purchasing a property.)

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