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How to Increase the Value of Your Home

Home improvements, big or small, invoke a wide range of emotions, from excitement to anxiety. They also require time and money to update your property features, which limits you to specific projects depending on the end goal. If you want to upgrade or renovate to raise your house value, specific projects help you achieve this better than others. Here are seven excellent ways to increase the value of your home. (Raise House Value | Increase the Value of Your Home | Property Features)

1. Add Usable Square Footage

Adding more usable space to your home makes a lot of financial sense. This is especially true if you live in areas with limited real estate where space and land are already stretched. 

Homes are priced and valued based on multiple factors, including livable space per square foot. Naturally, the more square feet in a home, the better. 

Adding an extra bathroom, storage space, a new wing, or a different story increases your property’s value. 

2. Clean and Declutter

There are some simple ways to raise house value without breaking the bank. Cleaning and decluttering are one of these. 

To boost your home’s value, begin by reducing the number of stuff you have in it. 

Cleaning and decluttering are relatively inexpensive, even in large homes. HomeAdvisor says you can do this professionally at between $200 and $225. 

Alternatively, you can do this yourself at no cost. Begin by going through your storage space, cabinets, and closets. You can have separate donation and garbage piles as you do this. Try to take the emotion out of the process and throw away anything you do not need, is damaged, or is outdated.

This will result in a cleaner, airier, more open, and spacious home. This has more value than the reverse.

3. Increase Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Increasing your home’s energy efficiency puts dollars in your pocket and dramatically increases your property’s value. 

Increasing energy efficiency is a no-risk venture, and it’s a win-win whether you want to leave the house to your grandkids or sell it within the year.

Some of the things you can do towards this include:

  • Installing a smart thermostat
  • Replacing old leaky windows
  • Installing energy-efficient home appliances
  • Insulating hot water tanks to minimize heat loss
  • Sealing ductwork

Besides the above, you can consider installing solar panels to generate energy for the entire home. 

So far, studies tell us that installing solar energy can increase your home’s value by %6,000 per kilowatt, or by 4.1% of the home’s value. 

4. Spruce Things Up With Paint

Painting and wallpapering are still among the most popular home improvement projects, and understandably so. 

Paint and wallpapers can give the most outdated spaces a fresh, spanking-new look. The best part: these options are more affordable than most other home upgrades. 

Similarly, you can do this in stages on a tight budget. So, begin by prioritizing rooms that need an urgent upgrade. You can also paint the exterior walls of your home to make the property look newer and more updated and to boost its curb appeal.  

The cost of paintwork will depend on the size of the room being painted, with bathrooms being the most affordable rooms to repaint. The choice of paint type and painting company versus a DIY will also impact the project’s total cost. 

5. Work on Your Curb Appeal

Stand out on the street and look at your property. What comes to mind? Do you want to go in? Does the home look dilapidated? Does it look homely, lived-in, and alive? 

The impression you get of your home from this vantage point is curb appeal. And this matters because it helps people form an impression of the inside of the house, its condition, and its value. 

Here are some tips for creating a positive, inviting curb appeal:

  • Clean your siding, driveway, and windows
  • Mow the lawn or do some professional landscaping
  • Plant a tree or add some follower boxes
  • Upgrade the mailbox
  • Light up the exterior of your home
  • Revamp your fence and paint the gate
  • Paint the front door and update the knobs
  • Dress up the porch with a cozy seating area

6. Update Your Kitchen

The kitchen is among the most critical rooms in a house, more so for families. As such, many buyers will zero in on the kitchen when house shopping. 

A tiny, outdated one will affect the number of prospective buyers you attract and how much you can ultimately garner from the sale. 

To upgrade your kitchen, think not just about the space but about its look and layout. If these elements prevent you from maximizing or utilizing the kitchen entirely, there is a problem. 

Unfortunately, a kitchen remodel doesn’t come cheap, and the ROI will be lower than you hope. 

If this is a huge concern, you can opt for a partial remodel. As such, consider minor upgrades like replacing appliances. You can also paint the kitchen or the cabinets and install newer, more modern doorknobs for your cabinets. Again, this is a more affordable way to modernize the kitchen and raise house value. 

7. Stick to a Regular Repair and Maintenance Plan

Pick a day to survey your home and note everything that needs repairs or replacement. This is important because when it’s time to sell my house fast, multiple minor issues suggest a neglected home. They will also make prospective buyers wonder about other unseen damage. 

Note all these things and fix any home problems to avoid minor issues spiraling into more significant problems. 

Similarly, stick to a regular home maintenance plan to ensure everything functions as it should and that budding problems are identified and resolved. {Increase the Value of Your Home | Raise House Value}

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