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How to Sell a Property Fast

We’re currently experiencing a hot real estate market in the industry throughout the entire United States of America. The cause of this booming real estate market, insufficient housing inventory, and huge demand should indicate that you can sell property fast. It’s vital to learn the signs your house will sell fast; so you can have an efficient transaction.

Unfortunately, homeowners question why their house is not selling or even obtaining any showings when real estate is such a flourishing market.

  • America currently has a productive real estate market trend in selling houses. There’s low housing inventory and enormous demand, interest rates are decreasing, and house values are returning to reality.
  • Considering the volume of recent property sales, there is no excuse for a property not to sell or even receive interest.

Perhaps your house needs updates; completing the necessary home upgrades or costly repairs is impossible because you don’t have the money to spend on these expenses. Most home buyers typically want homes that have been recently renovated or completely updated. These property buyers also will make lower offers to try and obtain the property at a much lower asking price.

Some homeowners may deal with personal matters that could force them to sell a house quickly and don’t have time to use a realtor, even in a hot real estate market where the house could sell itself.

  • If you’re a homeowner who doesn’t have the means or time to complete necessary home repairs, it’s recommended that the seller consider the possibility of a cash sale.

You may desire selling as-is, because you don’t want to invest any more money in your home before selling with a Pennsylvania real estate agent. Or maybe you can’t afford to take a significant risk by leaving the property on the market for multiple months, where you cannot guarantee the closing date or if it will even close.

In that case, a direct home sale to qualified cash buyers like Buying Property 215 eliminates the unknown factors given when you’ll sell your Philadelphia property. 

  • A swift house sale is excellent for sellers who don’t have the time, money, or other resources to complete the traditional property sale.
  • Selling a house to Buying Property 215 eliminates unknown factors and guarantees the highest cash offer.
Sell My Home Philadelphia - Buying Property 215

Is the Philadelphia Market Booming?

In February, the Philadelphia area recorded 5,040 homes sold in only one month, as the median sales price rose by nearly $30K in a short period. As a result of this growth, Delaware County received 37% more home sales than months prior. In addition, the demand for homes in Philadelphia rose 10% in April 2021 alone. Compared to last year, that is 151% higher.

  • 5,040 houses sold in February throughout Philadelphia, with a median sales price increase of roughly thirty-thousand dollars.

Top 10 Hottest Markets to Sell Property Fast

signs your house will sell fast
  1. Philadelphia, PA 19111
  2. Clifton Heights, PA 19018
  3. Bridgeport, PA 19045
  4. Upper Darby, PA 19082
  5. Prospect Park, PA 19076

Top Cash Offers

Avoid listing property against the competition on the real estate market – instead, “sell property fast” in a hot real estate market with a cash sale to Buying Property 215. Our family-owned company will provide the top cash offer!

Then, after getting a few similar home comps, we will walk you through comparable properties recently sold, usually a few blocks from your home. We also detail all the costs you would encounter with a traditional listing to compare yourself and decide the best sales method for you and your circumstances.

At Buying Property 215, we aim to ensure you get the best price possible for your home.

  • Prevent your house from sitting on the real estate market for multiple months.
  • Buying Property 215 presents comparable real estate comps to detail how we obtained our cash offer.

Our Straightforward Process

Our process is simple: sell your Philadelphia house in a flooded market to someone who buys houses quickly and easily. There is no complicated contract/sale agreement, and there are no hidden fees.

At Buying Property 215, we take the time to answer any questions you may have about your written agreement or any other questions through to closing. Often, sellers have to move twice because their next home isn’t ready. Because Buying Property 215 will be renovating the house, and we are not concerned about the move-in date, we can guarantee that closing will be convenient for you.

  • Our family-owned and operated real estate company can close within 21 days.

What Goes Into Selling Property?

As homeowners, we often wonder what it takes to sell a property. It can sometimes be a simple process but may also be complicated. If you own your home outright with no mortgage or liens, selling the property quickly with no problems may be more accessible.

However, if you have liens, judgments, or a mortgage attached to your home, you may see a slower, more difficult selling process. Every sale of homes needs to have its deed recorded through a title company. This means they do extensive research on the chain of title on your home. You brought up any problem that would not be insured when transferring the deed to a new owner. This could mean any first or second mortgage on the home: utilities or mechanics liens.

When you try to sell property, many things will come up with taxes or city violations. Depending on what shows up, selling your home may be easy or problematic. An ideal scenario is for a buyer to run the title; nothing shows up, and the title transfers in 7 days without a hiccup.

  • Homes facing pre-foreclosure, judgments, or liens may force a slow selling process if approached with the standard method. Selling to a cash buyer simplifies things because an experienced and licensed title company will handle all the work.

On the other hand, suppose you run into specific issues where you owe the city money, such as money to the Philadelphia water revenue. In that case, you may wait a while for the title company to receive a payoff from the city. No matter your situation, we are here to help you.

Signs Your House Will Sell Fast

Here are some standard signs your house will sell fast:

  • Your property is priced competitively. This is the most vital factor in selling quickly. If your home is priced too high, it will sit on the market for a long time.
  • Your home is in good condition, “turn-key.” Most House Buyers want a move-in-ready home, so make sure yours is clean, well-maintained, and free of significant defects/issues.
  • Your house is in a desirable location. Buyers are more likely to be interested in a home that’s in a substantial school district, close to amenities like public parks, and easy access to transportation.
  • Your home is well-marketed. This includes having professional photos taken of the property, writing a solid listing description to draw attention, and using multiple listing services, also known as MLS.
  • You’re flexible with your terms. Home buyers may be more willing to make an offer if you’re ready to negotiate on the price or terms of the agreement.

Follow these tips, you’ll increase your chances of selling quickly and for an adequate price.

Sell Property As Is

We purchase as-is, meaning no expensive repair costs will come out of your pocket before the home sells. Then, when home updates begin, you’ll not have to worry about discovering hidden problems behind the walls or under the floor. Instead, Buying Property 215 takes on all risks, allowing you to walk away with cash from closing. You don’t even need to clean up before you leave. Just pack whatever you want to take with you and leave the rest of your troubles behind at the closing table.

We have seen it all as property buyers’ companies purchasing houses for years, we have seen it. We hire a cleanout crew to come in and dump the stuff that is not wanted and left behind by the seller. This is the way that makes it easiest for the seller. We often come across homeowners who do not have the resources to clean a house as we do. This is why we give homeowners the option not to clean their houses if they cannot. Repairs of any sort should be the absolute last thing on someone selling. We have been repairing homes for years; we understand it’s working on renovating and starting brand new completely.

  • We buy houses as-is and complete no repairs or cleanouts.

Working with Buying Property 215 makes it easy to sell property fast. The professional cash buyers at Buying Property 215 understand that selling your Philadelphia house in a hot real estate market can be stressful. If you prefer to skip all of the headaches of listing, forget about making house repairs and renovations, or have no interest in living in a home while renovations and repairs are happening, Buying Property 215 is your answer. 

Suppose you have questions about ways to sell a house fast. In that case, the professionals at Buying Property 215 will stop everything and listen, taking the time to answer your concerns with no obligation. Don’t hesitate to contact us or call Buying Property 215 at [215-359-6090].

More About Our Company/Business

We’re Buying Property 215 is a family-owned real estate company that originated in South Philadelphia. Two brothers are passionate about real estate and assisting our community! We started our business serving the Philadelphia area and surrounding suburbs. Over the last two years, we began purchasing property throughout Pennsylvania while serving other states like New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, and New York.

We buy property in any condition, from serious structure problems to “turn-key homes.” We will purchase your home regardless of your circumstances; we’ve purchased homes with tax liens, pre-foreclosure, and property violations over the years!

We buy various zoned properties, single-family houses, multi-family dwellings, vacant land, and mixed-use buildings! You’re presented with multiple home-selling options when you utilize our real estate services. Contact us today to explore your options to sell property fast!

  • Buying Property 215 consists of two brothers from Philadelphia who take pride in helping homeowners sell their property quickly while receiving the most significant amount of money on their house.
  • Our family-owned real estate company purchases homes as-is throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, and New York.
  • Sell your house regardless of the circumstances, pre-foreclosure, tax liens, existing mortgages, or excessive repairs.
  • Sell vacant land, mixed-use properties, single-family homes, etc., within twenty-one days.
  • Fill out our contact us form with your information; we will reach out within an hour to gather more details on the property and provide you with an excellent all-cash offer!
Buying Property 215

We're Buying Property 215, a family-owned real estate company specializing in purchasing property fast. We buy houses in Philadelphia and surrounding areas. Contact us to sell my house fast!

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